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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    3 Weeks until this little Australian Shepherd comes to live with us. We're already in love with her. You can only just tell right now, but it's looking like she'll have one blue eye and one amber eye.

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  • Best Under the Radar Shows?

    Brockmire on IFC is Hank Azaria's magnum opus.

    Also, Party Down. If you like Gilfoyle in Silicon Valley, Party Down is where the bones of that character were formed.
    Party Down overall is a murder's row of talent pre-blowing up.

  • Best Under the Radar Shows?

    Man I haven't thought about Northern Exposure in years. Maybe a holidays binge is in order.

    Derry Girls is still high on my list of under-the-radar shows. I've posted about it before, but man is it ever funny. The actress who plays Erin makes this amazing disgusted face that cracks me up every time.

  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    It's hard to post this after super cute puppy pictures...but the thing that's making my day today is a pretty good quality recording of the last ever Slayer concert.

  • SOUP!!

    cdrive said:
    Had to get some seafood gumbo yesterday in the French Quarter for lunch yesterday. That’s a whole damn crab in there, just half is submerged.  With half a dozen raw oysters on the side, c’mon now!

    I literally started salivating a bit looking at that. Damn, that's a fine looking bowl of gumbo right there.

    This time of year my wife and I start making a lot of Soupasta. I mean, it's just soup, but we buy a base of generally a creamy tomato and then cook up some pasta and a bag of mixed veggies and a shit-ton of Parmesan on top with a side of garlic toast and it is just delightful. Actually works really well as a pasta dish if you tweak the proportions too.
  • What music are you streaming?

    BOOM! Thanks, dude!

    Also, present moment streaming thought. Billie Eilish is pretty dope. I know that isn't exactly breaking news, but I'm officially on that bandwagon.