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  • 705- Eastwatch

    How did Tyrion know that Bronn and Jaime survived in order for him to arrange a meeting? How did he arrange the meeting? I'm a little sad we did not get a Bronn and Tyrion reunion.

    What happened to the rest of the Brotherhood without Banners? There were six or seven of them riding North, IIRC.

    The wight hunt is stupid. Trusting Cersei is stupid. Littlefinger's plan is stupid. 

    I hate the way they are writing Glover:

    607: "House Stark is dead, and you're the worst, Sansa."
    610: "I love House Stark. I'm so sorry, Jon. You're the best and my one and only king."
    705: "Jon who? Oh, he sux. I love you, Sansa, you should be our queen."

    The North remembers. My ass. The North has the memory of a goldfish.

  • 706 - "Beyond the Wall"

    What did I just watch? GoT is increasingly turning into a summer blockbuster with characters who do dumb things because the plot demands they do dumb things.

    I did get emotional with the Jon and Jorah scene, and I wept when Viserion went down. I even liked the Daenerys and Jon scene even though they feel incredibly rushed, but damn there was a lot of stupid in this episode.

    I'd like to think Arya and Sansa are playing Littlefinger. Arya gave Sansa the dagger, as Bran gave it to her. Littlefinger told Sansa that Brienne would protect her, so Sansa immediately sent her away. Regardless, I still don't like the way the Winterfell plot is written.

    The Night King planned for this, right? That rock was the same rock he was perched on when Bran saw him, I think. I'll have to go back and check.

    RIP Thoros and Benjen. Poor Benjen, his death is almost as bad as the Blackfish's offscreen death.
  • 706 - "Beyond the Wall"

    I had a lot of fun watching this episode, but kiiinda everything I think made this material more than good, but great, is basically gone. Props to them I guess for masterfully shaking keys in front of my face to distract me from that throughout this episode (but damn, that's one hell of a shitty legacy to end on.) I have a feeling, the more time away from the show,  - I will look back on these final seasons with such a sour taste in my mouth. :(

    BaldMove is getting dangerously close to settling for the sizzle over the steak when it comes to GOT. You haven't gone full dark side, blue eyes, ice crowns yet, but your shifting into Benjen territory. Got my eyes on you!

    -Also,  I don't give a SHIT that people on Reddit have figured out how long it takes for a lake to freeze, or how long you can survive in freezing weather with no fire. It was not. executed. narratively. You can tell me till you're blue in face that it's possible to land a man on the moon, but if the screenplay to Appolo 13 was hinged on,  "eeehhh look it up, it tracks," It would be a failure and merit zero praise.  The whole fucking POINT of narrative, of writing a story, is to transform a truth into art. Fuck this lazy shit, I won't vouch for it. 
  • 705- Eastwatch

    The guy's are super hating on the show after a couple of fast paced episodes. I really don't mind variations in the method of story-telling. I notice everything they bring up too but I like the show too much to be as critical as they are. I hope it doesn't turn into a troll-cast like the Walking dead. To call the scene with Dany and the Tarly's "pretty good" is vicious. I thought that scene was awesome.  

    To me, it's not the rushing pace that's irking me. It's that plot is dictating character motivations. That's a sure fire way to loose empathy for your characters and to make them seem like unbelievable human beings. It's why so many are scratching their heads over decisions these characters are making - not because they are making them fast, they are at all out war, you have to make fast decisions. The confusion and the WTF-ing that is going on is mostly because "this character wouldn't be driven to do this because blank" And I agree with you that the scene with Danny and Tarly was probably the best of the episode - because all those motivations felt true, Dany's wants and Taryls wants were driving the action.

    When something feels right, it's because CHARACTER is dictating plot. Any great show - True Detective, Mad Men, Deadwood, Game of Thrones, knew this principle. It's the thing that grounded this fantasy story about dragons, and white walkers. And it's the thing that i am most sad to see go by the wayside. 
  • US Politics Thread 2.0

    Honestly, I don't have a problem with people tearing down monuments that glorify a shameful era of history. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a black person having to see that shit all the time and listen to white people go on about how much it means to them. Something has to give.

    But I'm not American and I find patriotism kind of weird anyway - you can't choose where you are born so why get all ra ra about it. And I'm not saying Australia is much better - god knows we generally don't give a fuck about the feelings of our Indigenous people.

    Gotta add Lee's Sandwich chain. A Vietnamese sandwich (Banh Mi) chain that makes sandwiches on fresh made baguettes. I stick to the BBQ pork sandwich. The thing about there sandwiches is they are simple. light spread, cilantro a raw sliced jalapeno and your choice of meat or veggies on the thin baguette. A lot of Vietnamese restaurants offer sandwiches on there menus my friends parents had a restaurant in the eighties that made them. Now a days I usually I go to lees for them.

    Image result for lee's sandwichesimage
  • 706 - "Beyond the Wall"

    The double D's should stop writing episodes.

    OTOH, I liked the Tyrion bit, Dany looked beautiful (especially with tear filled eyes) and that shot of the dragon being speared and flame coming from the hole in it's lungs (?) was incredible.

    Took a downturn all over the rest though. Arya storyline being butchered again, Jon Invincible, Cold hands Benjen, the whole lake thing but fending off thousands etc.

    Also this would have been a great way for Tormund to go, until they shit their pants and backed out.
  • AHS Cult 9/5/17 Hype thread!

    Side note: 

    What do clowns have to do with cults? I've never heard of a clown cult. Unless they're planning to have this season take place at the World Clown Convention (thanks Google). 


    Just read this:  

    “highlighting people who don’t have a voice in our culture—people who are ignored by the current administration and who are afraid and feel terrorized that their lives are going to be taken away.”

    This explains it. Clowns are so dismissed by our society. I can see why they feel undervalued. They just want the same rights as the rest of the entertainment industry.  
    Frakkin T
  • I'm shipping everyone now

    Good God... That lady is going to fuck her nephew. Those eyes don't lie*

    *Unless you're a slave trader