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  • 407 - Something Stupid

    Jimmy at Kim's work party:

  • The Bald Move Community Citizenship Test

    @Jim 's real name is Guy Ferrari
  • Positivity! aka the good vibes thread

    I already mentioned my new job here. I guess is kind of an extension of that. In the Spring of 2014, I was living with my folks, trying to cobble together part time work. I then landed a on year (full time) gig in South Dakota. That lead to landing a (potentially permanent) gig in Omaha. Well, this week I closed on a house with a 7 (or so) minute commute to my job in/around my hometown of St. Louis. 

    Also... I’m a moron, and have utterly failed to add a picture of the property.
  • 801 - "The End"

    @A_Ron_Hubbard two points about the latest podcast: I believe either you or Cecily posited that the nuclear winter might actually be fake but when they showed the close-ups of the horses, their facts had enormous lesions on them, so I think that part's true. Also, you raised the question of when this season might take place. Joan Collins' character said "Fake News, I'm calling Donald," so I'm assuming it takes place now-ish. That really doesn't say much about whether the teens are the babies from Asylum, as you pointed out, since alien time-traveling might be involved. But it does mean Michael Langdon was rapidly aged, since that took place only eight years ago.
    I'm not sure that Murphy cares about timelines, dates or throwaway lines, and if this is set in the future, the hint that Trump is still POTUS could be some joke about people actually believing he could be the "Last President." 

    And of course, it's well known that anichrist babies age 6 times faster that normal babies. Pretty sure that's in the bible.
  • 802 - The Morning After

    Michelle said:
    RIP Granny Evie!  :cry:
    To be honest though, her outro song was fucking savage. She let her grandson have it. Pouring some burnt champagne tonight. 
  • Serial - Season 3

    Episode 1 is basically Huell's case from this week's Better Call Saul! Although the defense attorney did not utilize the office supply strategy.

    And it is as expected super depressing - it's a case that everyone involved seems to consider "the justice system working" ... but it still has a major negative impact on the defendant that no one seems to recognize.
  • 'Watchmen' TV Series From Damon Lindelof In The Works At HBO

    I think the timing of this is pretty perfect. The Watchmen comic was a fresh response to the glut of superhero comics that was beginning to drown under its own weight - and we are experiencing the same cycle all over again. 

    I still think the comic is never going to be surpassed - but I have a lot more trust that Lindelof knows that the WRITING is the backbone of the comic, not the aesthetics. I honestly don't have a ton of history with comics, but I read Watchmen with a book club last year, and reading Alan Moore is an experience, everyone should get the pleasure. (I prefer his Prometha and From Hell books though )

    BTW if you want to read the comic with an online book club check out ComicBookGirl19's Watchmen Series on Youtube and Twitch. Can't recommend it enough.