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  • The Wire - I GIVE UP (and thoughts on Deadwood)

    JaimieT said:
    I would argue that if you enjoy a show for character development and dialogue, The Wire isn't really what you're looking for.
  • 707 - "Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag"

    Regarding the identity politics, I have nothing but the feeling that the show has left me with to support it but I feel like the overall point that is being driven out is actually what @Jamie91 is saying. Basically it's about the dangers of extremity and losing all nuance. There are no really supportable characters because they're all extremists, including Ally. Maybe Ally hasn't done anything bad, but she is impossible (for me at least) to sympathize with because she is a complete caricature. I've only just finished Roanoke the other day and I've only watched a few episodes of a couple of other seasons so maybe I don't have the same understanding of Murphy's overall perspective, but I feel like he is railing against the fact that so much of what surrounds us is completely devoid of nuance. People taking their talking points and not considering other perspectives, and the inherent dangers of that attitude. The problems of people living in completely different worlds surrounding each other (Dan Carlin did a really good episode about this a while back). This isn't me devaluing things like privilege in any way, I would never deny that privilege is a real and huge problem, but like @Jamie91 said, it's a nuanced problem. I think that is what Murphy is saying though through these characters. It's all become too much about sides and not about finding ways to solve problems and live together.

    That said, I thought this episode was interesting. I didn't love the experience of watching it, but interesting. With the reveal at the end I am very curious about where they're heading.  
  • The Wire - I GIVE UP (and thoughts on Deadwood)

    Just wanted to jump in and say I love the discussion and viewpoints being shared in this thread. And it’s been thought-provoking. One of the things I love about BM forums.

    I’m not adding anything of value here, but The Wire is probably my favorite show ever and I’ve re-watched it about three times and will continue re-watching. And I’m one who does not typically engage with “gritty cop” dramas.
  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    anubus21 said:
    Done with this for a while since this thread has just turned into the liberal, pat ourselves on the back society. 
    Yeah, those people who, like, care about other people and their feelings and shit. What’s that even about. 

    Mate, you know this place is about 90% Liberal, you continually try to rile up “snowflakes” with your outraged PC GONE MAD bullshit Daily Wire stories, and then you get pissy when no one wants to play. If you ever wanted to have an actual, reasonable debate about an issue that isn’t just “Look at these bleeding heart pussies doing shit”, you’d probably have a bunch of people wanting to discuss it with you. 
  • Mindhunter

    hahahAHAH, I had total forgotten that episode was the birth of Detective Popcorn.  mhhhhhmmmmm so buttery, salty kernels :blush: 

    I really hope people are reading this  

    @Dani_Armindo ;