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  • Foodie Corner

    I made some edibles yesterday, and I must say the worst thing about making THC treats is that whatever you make is usually very delicious, but going back for seconds is usually a no-no.  These chewy caramels or "Canna-mels" I made are no exception. 
    8oz. canna-butter
    1lb. light brown sugar
    1cup light corn syrup
    14oz. can sweetened condensed milk
    pinch of kosher salt
    1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

    combine everything in except vanilla in sauce pot and heat to 240 degrees with candy thermometer, pull off heat add vanilla, pour into greased parchment lined  9x13 pan, let cool completely at room temp.  cut with scissors or pizza cutter, wrap in wax paper.

    Then take 2-3 and set them aside, put the rest in a bag and give them to someone you trust, cuz if you just leave them around you will eat way to many!!  I had 5 last night and ended up taking a 14hr. nap.  And the worst part is, while I was napping, someone broke into my kitchen and ate all my peanut butter and cheese puffs and drank all my orange juice ;-)

  • US General Politics Discussion Thread

    What's everybody's favorite "HATE" listen or watch. Is there any radio, TV, or podcast that you listen to just to have arguments in your head with the person your listening to? Lately I've been putting on Buck Sexton, he's a Glenn Beck protege and has a show on the Blade network, and sometimes He fills in for Rush He use to work for the CIA and loves to throw in humble brags about it. He also use to be a CNN contributer, but got let go, now he's a "fake" news guy. He touts himself as a pro American conservative, but he dosnt have much positive to say, he mainly just spins thins in negative way towards liberals and the media. Anyway, he's a douche that makes me yell at my phone, but in a good way.

    My dad is a long time Rush Limbaugh listener, and whenever I visit home I, at times, out of morbid curiosity, eavesdrop. It usually lasts for about 5 minutes till i have to leave the room - a couple of days ago I was listening and Limbaugh was making a point that women need to stop making such a big deal that they do make equal pay to men.
    His bomb drop of a reason -women live on average three years longer than men! AHAHAHAH

    image  and that's my cue to walk out of the room. It's surely not good for my blood pressure. Thing is, i wouldn't give two fucks what some radio show host says, but it's the fact my own dad, who I love and respect find him a source of unbiased information that sends into fucking vapors. 

  • US General Politics Discussion Thread

    @Luke OK but what about when you break it down and compare men's and women's pay in the same profession? Guess what, the wage gap is real. This is data straight from the census bureau.