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  • I Promised I Would Do It.

    Back during the great Bald Move Crisis of 2016, I made this comment:

    As we all know, the guys hit their goal WELL before the end of the year… in fact, I think it might have been the very next day.

    I’m a man of my word.  I’m very proud to present the first and only (to the best of my knowledge) Bald Move tattoo!:


    Yup, that’s a tattoo of Zombie Jim and Zombie A.Ron on my leg.  Watching Dead was the show that originally got me hooked on Bald Move (way back in season 3), so when it came time to create a tattoo that paid tribute to our podcasting heroes, the decision to have it be TWD-themed was pretty easy to make.

    My long-time tattoo artist and good friend Rob Sampson (of Patriot Tattoo in Spring Valley, CA) came up with this amazing design.  If anyone’s interested, I posted a brief Imgur gallery of the design process with some sketches, etc:

    Permanently honoring Bald Move was the least I could do in return for the countless hours of entertainment that Jim and A.Ron have provided me over the years; from podcasts to playthroughs, Bald Move has literally reshaped the way I view television, movies, gaming, and even the world in general.

    @Jim and @A_Ron_HubbardI sent you guys a gift in the mail that should be there tomorrow… just a small token of appreciation for everything you do.

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  • I Promised I Would Do It.

    God damn.  Well, that explains the framed photo we just received in the studio sans comment.  I'm honored.  And I agree, that artist is amazing.  Our first tattoo, just wow, I'm blown away.  Christ, how can we ever stop The Walking Dead now? You really upped the ante, @DoubleA_Ron.
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  • How To Raise a Human

    Congratulations! My only useful advice is to avoid internet parenting forums like the plague. I'm not even kidding. They are a hot bed of judgemental crazies and no matter what you're doing there will be an online gang ready to pile on and tell you you're doing it wrong and probably abusing your child in the process.

    I have one child (18 now) and as someone who didn't grow up around much younger siblings and had no parent friends at the time, I was clueless. I basically treated my daughter like a tiny adult - spoke to her like I would anyone else from day one (a bit less colourful swearing, perhaps), took her with me out for breakfast or to cafes or when she was a bit older to movies and whatever artsy thing I wanted to look at. She's turned out to be a gem - which could be just her nature, but I like to take the credit. ;-)

    Edit: babies make the weirdest noises. Don't panic when you hear all that snuffling and snorting they do throughout the night!
  • How To Raise a Human


    My primary advice for new parents is get 'Happiest Baby on the Block' by Dr Harvey Karp.  That will get you through the first 3 months.  Being able to calm your baby is ridiculously fulfilling (and understanding why your baby is crying when its not hungry or needs changing, cause thats a scary scary thing).

    As for the rest, I'd say you may be looking a bit too far ahead.   Let you're child percolate a bit, Feed him and clean him every so often, and let him develop his personality, and start taking cues from that.     I'd also add that in my unscientific research, the quickest way to raise a christian/muslim/whateverian  is to say you arent going to raise one of those.  Expose your kids to other ideas (in my personal experience a really good way is to find a Unitarian Church.  About as liberal a church as you can find.  I'm sure there are other options).

    In terms of raising a feminist, that should be relatively easy.  I'm making the assumption you are a dude from your picture.  REspect the women in your life and your spawn will take cues from how you act.

  • Legion on FX

    "And you're British??"

    "Like I said, I'm your rational mind."


    This show is so awesome. The music, the silent film cards, everything Aubrey Plaza, the weird 70's decor, the campy technology, it's all great. I'm just happy that we have networks like FX that are willing to let creators like Noah Hawley do his own thing. This is one of the most interesting and novel shows I've seen in a long time.
  • Cincinnati Burrito Meetup

    Hey what about Seattle? There are a lot of people on these boards from Seattle.  We just can't say we want you to come because Seattle. And we may or may not RSVP or show up. But we do eat burritos. Seattle.
    I'd say that we make it to Seattle regularly enough that we'd probably just have a meet up there next time, rather than try to make it there on our first tour.  Maybe throw a party at Lovecraft Brewing?  To Fern's point, we're in talks about the next BYPAX and it's looking like Chicago, but it kind of depends on whether Jesse can make it.  It might be back in Seattle since he missed the Cincy one, and he's one of the founders of the event, that doesn't feel right.