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  • Lunch withOUT J&A&C

    I’ve been home sick from work all week and I’m about to go stir crazy with cabin fever in this house.  What’s your go to activity when you’re in this situation? (Binging shows, reading, sleeping, writing, anything.)  I’m bored!!!

    Also, today is my 9th anniversary with my company which means *yay* raise!
  • The Matrix 4

    cdrive said:
    What would they name the 4th movie?

    Neo and the Goblet of Fire

    Matrix:     Salvation
                    Fury Road
                    The Voyage Home
                    Bases Loaded

    Matrix 42: Electric Bugaloo


    Escape from Matrix starring Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Succession - HBO

    Finally sat down and watched episodes 1 and 2 this afternoon and damn this show certainly doesn't disappoint.  I can't believe how engaged I am watching people that I couldn't be more different from but it is entertaining as hell.  @MrX mentioned it before but Jeremy Strong with his speech as he told all the Vaulter employees to basically get the fuck out was downright amazing.  Extremely well acted and I'm really curious to see how the rest of this season goes.  Shiv just burned her bridge and now it seems like Logan (the dad) is bringing Kendall in closer with the company.  Was he sincere in regards to the conversation he had with Shiv or what's going on there.  Side note, Shiv's husband is hands down the biggest deusch bag on the show in my opinion.  I feel bad for cousin Greg because he seems like the only person on the show that actually has a heart. Really wish we had the Bald Move treatment for this show because it definitely would bring about some amazing discussions.

    NoelTeresa from Concord
  • Ideas for the next groundhogs day marathon...

    Is it still a fundraiser?  Because you could do the Back to the Future trilogy and raise money for Parkinson's, perhaps.  The repetitious nature of the first two movies also kind of hearkens back to the original Groundhog Day concept.

    Edit: Not raise money "for" Parkinson's, you know.  Against it.