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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Last night swung into Kohl's for socks and looked at sheets because I've been debating buying new sheets for a while. Found sheets clearanced out from $135 to $27 and a new comforter that I don't really need but I'm not gonna pass up a sweet comforter clearanced out from $180 to $45. Plus I got 20% off of that price. I didn't walk out with socks because I got $20 Kohl's cash so my socks will be best to nothing in a week.

    Then today at work, we had a last minute meeting thrown on the calendar this morning to announce we are no longer working any weekend or night shifts (weekends were every 7 weeks and 1 day a week closing shift of 1:30-10). Not that it was that bad to begin with but that pretty much came out of nowhere. 

    Also my boss is amazing and yesterday I asked if I could take a half day today to beat the traffic up North to go snowmobiling and his exact response "hell yeah man, take the day off if you want." I settled with a half day because I had shit I wanted to get done work wise. I've got 2 hours left and couldn't be happier right now.
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  • Show off your collectables

    Sideshow baby Yoda to scale. Also have an unopened one for investment
  • WandaVision Episodes 1 & 2

    Are they really doing a sitcom every episode through the entire season? I realize I’m the only one on this thread already over that gimmick. 

    I'm guessing the next episode will be the last of the 'stuck in a TV show' episodes before we get to the meat of what's really going on. Or at least by the middle of ep4. 
    Teresa from Concord