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  • Breaking Bald 5: The Return

    Merry Baldmas everyone. For the rest of the month I'm going to attempt to assemble these abominations out of every drunken lunch from the previous week as a gift, burden, torture device, whatever you want to call it, for the Bald Move community.

    P.S. Remember to commemorate your noop-shoe-uls.

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  • Neil De Grass Tyson.....

    The past two years or so I've been making a conscious effort to ask permission before I touch someone in like a meet and greet situation. "Of course I'll take a picture with you! Do you mind if I put my arm around you?" No one has ever said no, but I've been thanked for asking by quite a few, and conversely no one has been put off (or gave me the impression anyway) by the additional layer of social interaction.

    It's not really because I'm afraid or anything. It just never hurts to make sure people are comfortable and when in doubt, check in. It sucks to see people you admire fail and stumble, but it's a positive pressure in society that I feel like is going to pay huge dividends in our lifetime. 

    It goes against conventional PR wisdom, but I'd love to see celebrities, especially supposedly thoughtful types like NDT be more open about getting called out and using it as a way to keep growing. I've seen a few who really have handled fucking up really well, but it's few and far between. I'm not sure why it is, because it seems like a honest, humble, and graceful response gets you back on track faster with people than anything. 

    I'm also not sure what to do about socially awkward people. It's a skill that can be developed like any other, but also some people have genuine impairments that make improving difficult, but also some people use this as an excuse not to develop their skills. 
  • Golden Globe Nominations: Complete List

    rhcoop said:
    The GG's are even lower stakes to me than the Emmy's.  I'm more like J&A and do not care for any awards shows besides the oscars, so I know this isn't made for me.

    I have a question, do you all actually watch or care about the GG's, Tony awards and all of the other random shows?  

    I'm not being a smartass, I'm just curious. 
    I used to dismiss awards shows as mostly just self-congratulatory popularity contests, but I pay attention to them now because with issues of diversity and inclusivity and abuse of power in Hollywood, they are important both culturally and politically. Even just getting nominated is important for the individuals because it gives them more recognition and more power. It's important for us because when people like Sandra Oh and Constance Wu get nominated, it's not just history-making, but it also means that Oh and Wu will get offered more leading roles and can command more money and hopefully power. Black Panther, Crazy Rich Asians, and Pose getting nominated means so much to those of us who aren't used to seeing ourselves or our stories on either the big or little screen. It's both inspiring, and it hopefully leads to more representation. 

    Every nomination and win for underrepresented people and communities is important and contributes to a sea change. Yes, I want to see my faves rewarded, but this is the main reason I pay attention to award shows.
  • Maniac (Netflix)

    Finally got around to checking this out. I'm disappointed that in a Bald Move forum there isn't more discussion about Justin Theroux playing "Fucklantis" with anime hair and once again being forced to put his dick in a bizarre contraption, this time wearing a fantastically terrible wig. Related: I enjoy how this show is more irreverent and less self-serious that I had imagined from the trailers.

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  • Neil De Grass Tyson.....

    JaimieT said:
    Aron just reminded me of this guy in my childhood church that wore a pin on his shirt that said, "I'm a hug-aholic and I need a fix." My mom would get pressured into hugging him, and there was odd pushback from both that guy and other women when she didn't. He was mostly hugging women of course. I picked up on that vibe (or was defensive of my mom?) and didn't want to hug him either, but of course I always did because I was 14 and weak-willed.
    Oh man, that reminds me of a district overseer (Jehovah's Witness equivalent of, I don't know, a cardinal or something) who did the same goddamn thing. You see this fucker,  you're getting hugged, and if you are even slightly uncomfortable you'd get a scolding and lecture about agape love or whatever. You have to be exceptionally strong willed to overcome that kind of social pressure and conditioning. 

    We also had a particularly sexist elder in the congregation that loved offending women and when they were in umbrage, rhetorically ask, "but you love me, don't you sister? I love you! I'd die for you, would you die for me?" If he got them to agree to that proposition, he'd come back with something like, "then surely you'd rub my feet if you'd die for me," and start taking off his shoes! He was completely untouchable so long as he didn't raise his voice or use foul language. He could reduce a sister to tears and it was okay because Proverbs 27:17 or some shit. Sometimes when I think about the group I used to hang with I feel like I'm watching a movie about things that happened to somebody else. And you never know when a screening is going to happen. 

  • The Orville - Season 2

    Obligatory rewatch! I think this scene is a good indication of where the humor will go, to be more situational. Maybe that's why I like this episode.

  • What are you playing?

    If anyone has PS Plus and hasn’t played it I’d highly recommend SOMA. It’s one of the free games this month.

    The mechanics of the game kind of hold it back for a lot of people but if you can get past those and into the rhythm of it it’s an amazing experience and has a hell of an ending. And it’s just a great sci-fi story period, regardless of medium.

    I know the on the PC the devs went back and made a mode where you could play it through engaging in some of the mechanics that annoyed people. Not sure if that mode made it into the PS version of the game.