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  • James Gunn fired from Guardians 3

    I ditto what @Jim said. There is shit on the internet that I've said that I'm embarrassed about and there is no way I can remove it at this time. I've changed and grown as a person and I'd hate to be fired for something I said more than a decade ago. 

    I guess I would have thought of myself as a provocateur or a straight shooter at the time. I argued passionately against gay marriage, but "had nothing against gay people". I thought trans people were legitimately insane. I was sexist, mostly in benevolent ways, but there was a streak in me that could have led to "incel" places if a few balls had bounced differently.  I wasn't ever a hateful racist, but easily half my hometown was. I would certainly call old me racist as I now understand the term, in that I advocated for and supported policies that benefited me at the expense of minorities and didn't care to really listen to other perspectives or when I did was dismissive and patronizing. I was a shit lord. Fuck old me. 

    When I say I am embarrassed about that, I'm talking deep, self loathing shame. 

    As I understand it, James Gunn was called out for these statements back in 2012 by GLAAD. He apologized and repudiated his past statements. Disney did not fire him then, when he was attached to the original GotG.  As far as I know, he's had a clean record since then. Now a real fucking asshole reports him in bad faith for the exact same thing years later and he gets canned and people feel good about it? I don't get it. 

    People aren't born educated. People can get welllllllll into their adult life and still be ignorant. This has nothing to do with being on the right or wrong political spectrum, by the way. There is a big difference between someone who is actively, unrepentantly hurting other people and someone who formerly said things that hurt people's feelings and has apologized for it and tried to move on. I'm not worried about James Gunn. He's a rich talented man and he'll be fine. I just don't like the situation. Assholes on the right love to talk about weaponized compassion, but like many other things I feel like they are projecting, because this seem to me the textbook definition.

    I recognize it's easier for me with my past experience and privilege to be more circumspect about things like this. I'm not judging anyone's reaction and feelings on the topic. These are mine. Perhaps like so many times before, I'm missing something. 
  • Chat thread-Formerly known as Pizza- Strong Australian Vibes

    Oh Australia, you never fail to live up to expectations :)

  • Dumb things you become obsessed with buying

    I'm one of the many dolts keeping the airport souvenir magnet industry alive and thriving.  Everywhere I travel either for business or vacation I have to get a magnet.  It's not like I'm a huge fancy jetsetter or anything.  I grew up in a family that didn't travel much.  But my Grammy, who in her golden years ran a small town daycare on the side of her house, had a kid's freezer filled with popsicles & ice cream for us kids, and frozen ding dongs for my oldest uncle (and us kids), and she had a really amazing magnet collection all over that thing.  I guess I'm keeping my Grammy's spirit alive, but I love fridge magnets.  

  • James Gunn fired from Guardians 3

    Two things:

    A. Even as a joke, rape and pedophelia are touchy subjects that shouldn’t be discussed on a social media platform, I don’t know Jame Gunn and seemingly this was something he said a while ago that he himself knows was wrong but it was still inappropriate to say in the first place and Disney is a public company with a public image to uphold so I can’t really fault them for firing the guy.

    B. It’s real fucking hypocritical for people like Mike “there’s no such thing as date rape” Cernovich to be all holier than thou about this shit. 
  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    And the GOP just blocked Democrats from subpoenaing the only American who was in on 45's meeting with Putin.

    I'm so disgusted with those people right now.  They put party over country.   Every time.   It's awful. 
  • MLB 2018

    Pics if you go!  Btw Noel be prepared to lose on our home turf. :wink: :grin: