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  • 403- Forbidden

    May be right up there with my all time favorite episodes for a variety of reasons. I loved how it was Mr Robot who asks Olivia for a drink, bit when its Elliot who has to muddle through the awkwardness, I thought well of course, it would have been predictable watching Mr Robot  effortlessly charm the pants off (literally). Olivia’s purpose to the plot could have ended there, but when they have the heart to heart in the bathroom, it provoked feelings this show So rarely does. Esmail crushed that scene.

    I loved the Cold Open as well, Though i found the whiteroses at the end quite unnecessary. It was as if Esmail thought we may not be paying attention. 

    Damn im so worried for Krista. If she dies, theres no way Elliot could forgive himself. 

    Finally, I wasn’t so much jarred that Vera shot a guy right in front of a kid, but that the kid was completely unphased. How many times has this kid seen a guy  get shot at this point in his young  life? 

    Best lines:
     “ I look forward to stealing your intellectual property”

    ” I almost did it, but I promised a kid Id take him to see the Martian”

    ”Been clean for 9 months, except for  that heroin  two days ago”
  • Watchmen S1E1: It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice (SPOILERS)

    And just now listening to the Instant Talk podcast, I would like to posit that just because Sister Knight beat the shit out of that dude doesn't mean she was "allowed" to do so. That happens so many times in other shows or movies (and sadly real life I'm sure) where a cop goes over the line to get the answers they want. Don Johnson wasn't exactly pleased when she brought the guy in on her own before he actually gave the word but since they had him, might as well find out what he knows.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    What is the rush exactly? It’s not like the Senate is going to vote to remove him so rushing the impeachment vote seems counterintuitive to me. If anything they should slow roll the impeachment inquiry and let Trump continue to shoot himself in the foot by pulling ever more crazy shit and maybe you’d actually get enough Republicans to go “well this will kill my career but this man is a lunatic so I’m gonna bite the bullet on this one”.