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Off the Air

  • 24

    If you are a terrorist, Jack Bauer will destroy you!
  • American Horror Story

    Discussions of American Horror Story and our American Horror Story Podcast
  • The Because Show

    The official forum for The Because Show podcast!
  • Beltalowda - The Expanse Podcast

    For discussions involving SyFy’s “The Expanse” and Bald Move’s “Beltalowda” podcast.
  • Better Cast Saul

    Uncover the secret life of our favorite Cinnabon manager from Omaha.
  • Breaking Good

    Yo, let's talk about Breaking Bad, bitch.
  • Daredevil: What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen?

    Your podcast for all things Daredevil on Netflix...
  • Direct

    Direct is you officially unofficial podcast that takes a direct trajectory through a director's filmography. Hosted by movie geeks Eric and Levi, the show will walk through every movie that a director has made in chronological order. Each week a new film will be discussed, contemplated, and dissected. Get your popcorn ready!
  • Dungeons and Demogorgons - Stranger Things

    The officially unofficial podcast for Netflix's Stranger Things. Hosted by dungeonmasters Jim and A.Ron
  • Everybody Loves Reagan - The Americans Podcast

    Sex, spies, and Ronald Reagan.
  • Falling Skies

    Discussions of Falling Skies episodes and our Falling Skies videos
  • Fargo

    Discussions of Fargo and our Fargo podcast.
  • Following The Leftovers

    All that sweet text; the perfect medium for communicating with the G.R.
  • Game of Thrones

    Discussions of Game of Thrones and our podcast
  • Gotham Blotter

    Discussions of Gotham and our Gotham Blotter podcast
  • Halt and Catch Fire

    The forum for Jim and Eric's "Mutiny Community" podcast covering Halt and Catch Fire.
  • House of Cards

    Discussions of House of Cards and our podcast.
  • Justified

    Discuss Raylan, Boyd and Ava's issues.
  • Mad Men Happy Hour

    Discussions of Mad Men and our Mad Men Happy Hour podcast
  • Mr. Robot

    The officially unofficial podcast for Mr. Robot on USA. Each week we hack into the episode with a full recap and listener feedback.
  • Orange is the New Cast

    Discussions of Orange is the New Black and our Orange is the New Cast podcast
  • Personal Arrogants

    The official forum for the Personal Arrogants podcast!
  • Speakeasy - Boardwalk Empire Podcast

    Discussion of Boardwalk Empire and our Speakeasy podcast
  • True Blood Authority

    Discussion of True Blood and our True Blood Authority podcast
  • The X-Files - Black Oil and Bee Stings Podcast

    For discussion of the new X-Files mini-series on FOX, and all things X-Files in general. Send show feedback to or join the discussion here!
  • Watching Dead - Walking Dead Podcast

    Discussions for The Walking Dead and our Watching Dead podcast.
  • Westworld

    A forum for discussion of HBO's "Westworld", as well as "Watching Westworld", Bald Move's officially unofficial podcast for the series.
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