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Off the Air

  • 24

    If you are a terrorist, Jack Bauer will destroy you!
  • American Horror Story

    Discussions of American Horror Story and our American Horror Story Podcast
  • The Because Show

    The official forum for The Because Show podcast!
  • Beltalowda - The Expanse Podcast

    For discussions involving SyFy’s “The Expanse” and Bald Move’s “Beltalowda” podcast.
  • Breaking Good

    Yo, let's talk about Breaking Bad, bitch.
  • Daredevil: What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen?

    Your podcast for all things Daredevil on Netflix...
  • Direct

    Direct is you officially unofficial podcast that takes a direct trajectory through a director's filmography. Hosted by movie geeks Eric and Levi, the show will walk through every movie that a director has made in chronological order. Each week a new film will be discussed, contemplated, and dissected. Get your popcorn ready!
  • Dungeons and Demogorgons - Stranger Things

    The officially unofficial podcast for Netflix's Stranger Things. Hosted by dungeonmasters Jim and A.Ron
  • Everybody Loves Reagan - The Americans Podcast

    Sex, spies, and Ronald Reagan.
  • Falling Skies

    Discussions of Falling Skies episodes and our Falling Skies videos
  • Fargo

    Discussions of Fargo and our Fargo podcast.
  • Following The Leftovers

    All that sweet text; the perfect medium for communicating with the G.R.
  • Game of Thrones

    Discussions of Game of Thrones and our podcast
  • Gotham Blotter

    Discussions of Gotham and our Gotham Blotter podcast
  • Halt and Catch Fire

    The forum for Jim and Eric's "Mutiny Community" podcast covering Halt and Catch Fire.
  • House of Cards

    Discussions of House of Cards and our podcast.
  • Justified

    Discuss Raylan, Boyd and Ava's issues.
  • Mad Men Happy Hour

    Discussions of Mad Men and our Mad Men Happy Hour podcast
  • Mr. Robot

    The officially unofficial podcast for Mr. Robot on USA. Each week we hack into the episode with a full recap and listener feedback.
  • Orange is the New Cast

    Discussions of Orange is the New Black and our Orange is the New Cast podcast
  • Picard

  • Personal Arrogants

    The official forum for the Personal Arrogants podcast!
  • Rick and Morty

    The officially unofficial podcast for Rick and Morty on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
  • Speakeasy - Boardwalk Empire Podcast

    Discussion of Boardwalk Empire and our Speakeasy podcast
  • The New Pope

  • The World We Deserve - True Detective

    The World We Deserve is Bald Move’s officially unofficial podcast for HBO’s True Detective anthology. Join us each week for an in depth discussion on the show’s characters, themes, and mysteries.
  • True Blood Authority

    Discussion of True Blood and our True Blood Authority podcast
  • The X-Files - Black Oil and Bee Stings Podcast

    For discussion of the new X-Files mini-series on FOX, and all things X-Files in general. Send show feedback to or join the discussion here!
  • Watchmen

  • Watching Dead - Walking Dead Podcast

    Discussions for The Walking Dead and our Watching Dead podcast.
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