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  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Specifically, personal attacks on fellow fans are absolutely forbidden. Violations of either of these first two rules is a guaranteed banning without appeal. Please help our mod team out by using the "flag" feature (there is a small link that says "Flag" in the top right hand of each comment box by the date/time stamp) if you see any abuse of our forum!
  3. Do be absolutely crystal clear, if you see rude, combative, or obnoxious behavior, do not respond in kind. This isn't Gotham City, you're not Batwoman, the mods will eventually get around to sorting things out. It makes things much more of a mess to have to clean up a flame war than it is to clean up a single person acting out. If you're posting angry, back up, step away from the keyboard, and cool off.
  4. No racial/ethnic/sexual slurs. That said, context is important. "SCIENCE BITCH!" is an acceptable comment in a Breaking Bad thread. "Joffery is a royal cunt" is acceptable in a Game of Thrones thread. In general if we have said it on a podcast, or your favorite character has said it, and you use it IN THAT CONTEXT, you'll be fine. Still, tread lightly, and always keep in mind rules 1 and 2.
  5. Keep spoilers out of thread titles. Note, we only consider spoilers to be stuff that has NOT been televised. That's rumors, speculation, script leaks, whatever. Your personal theories and speculation? Okay. The fact that OMG NED GOT HIS HEAD CUT OFF!!!! last night? Totally fine. "According to Hollywood Reporter, Rick dies next week!" Not cool.
  6. No posts to illegal content. This includes but is not limited to links to bays of pirates or live streams of licensed content, or your favorite recipe for cooking meth.
  7. No pornography / nudity.
  8. Got a blog/podcast/whatever? Self promotion is okay, so long as it's not obnoxious. Weekly or more frequently is definitely obnoxious, seasonally is definitely not. There is a grey area in between, but always keep in mind rule 1. Consider using your signature to promote your content, and make great contributions to discussions. People will notice!
  9. Signature guidelines: Don't make them annoying. No animated gifs, and keep any images 480 pixels wide by 80 pixels high or smaller.
  10. No public whining if you get moderated. No flouncing either. Message the mods privately if you have a beef. Remember, this isn't a democracy, IT'S A RICKTATORSHIP CAROLIGARCHY!!!
  11. It doesn't matter if you personally don't feel what you're doing is a violation of these rules. If A.Ron, Jim, or any moderator tells you to knock it off, or to cool it, then knock it off and cool it. You're in our house. All kinds of houses have all kinds of rules, and all kinds of vibes. If you don't like our rules or our vibes, find a new house. Always remember rule number 1 -- to continue to behave in a manner that upsets the host when you're a guest is a huge dick move.
  12. No politics. Some of the shows we cover touch on sensitive topics and have a political bent, and it's fine to discuss those issues in a manner that is respectful to all members of the community. However, Bald Move is not a place to discuss politics in general. If you must discuss politics, please check out our Swizzbold companion site, and use its subreddit at to discuss and debate.
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    Just putting a refresher on the rules out there. Everyone knows rule #1 but just keep all the others in mind as you post! Thanks!
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