10/14 Update: Microtransactions

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I don't know if more experienced Guardians expected this, but i don't want micro-transactions to buy in-game currency. It looks like it won't affect gameplay, as you can (as of now) only buy emotes with silver, but it sets a bad precedent. It's one thing on a phone where you pay $.99 or nothing for the game, but on a console it comes across as greedy. What do you guys think?


  • I agree. Micro-transactions are a terrible idea. If this becomes a regular practice it could be the worst thing to happen to gaming since companies realized they could pull out content and release it as DLC.
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    So long as it stays like this, I don't mind it.  Because if bungie wants to sell ships and emotes and possibly shaders (I think weapon shaders would be cool) and this pays the artists and for development, then great. 

    The thing is, this kind of thing never just stops with decoration.  If they start selling shit that you need to win the game, I'm out.   Frankly, I'm looking for an excuse, because as much fun as I'm having with this game, it's also an incredible time sink.  Since they cut down the weapon parts last patch, I feel like my enthusiasm has waned at least 50%.  What's the fun of having a bunch of cool weapons if I can't afford to fucking upgrade them?  The reason bungie gets away with recycling content so much is because the weapon/character/armor combinations make the runs feel fresh.  Without that, why bother playing anything other than MP once you've beat the end game content a few times.

    And the MP is going to get stale unless they add custom lobbies and some ranked ladder play, something.  
  • Microtransactions aren't going anywhere with the amount of money they're raking in and it's really grating in games you've already paid for. Seeing grayed out options or blocked out areas on a map used to mean a secret to unlock, now it means get out your credit card.
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