Beast of No Nation

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Anyone see this movie yet? If not, I HIGHLY suggest it. It's about the story of a young child soldier in an African civil war. Its brutal and absolutely brilliant, really.

stars Idris Elba and is written and directed by Cary Fukunaga of True Detective but, the child who plays Agu takes center stage. 

It's actually a Netflix produced movie. Went straight to the internet. 



  • This is next on my list of films to get to. I love the talent involved and the story looks fascinating and is set in a world I'm not all that familiar with.
  • I just caught up with it, and wow what an impressive piece of filmmaking. It's so beautifully crafted in terms of cinematography and editing, yet it's incredibly brutal and tough to watch at times.

    I found the performances to be top-notch especially seeing as how the lead and I'm sure a lot of the cast are non-professional or even first-time actors. It's pretty great, too how they really get you to care about the relationship between Agu and Strika even though it's there is minimal dialogue between them. Actually no dialogue on the part of Strika.
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