313 - Full Measures

JamesJames southern California
Just two things to note:

1. I had never really put much thought to this until A Ron and Jim discussed it -- whether or not Gus ordered Tomas to be killed by the two dealers. Aside from A Ron's take, that it seems unlikely that they would take an action this drastic without Gus' orders (especially after the meeting), it is that it was such a public killing. They killed a young boy in the street and left his body to be discovered by the public, knowing that it would make the news and bring Jesse forward. If the purpose of the meeting was really Gus' attempt to stop the dispute between Jesse and the dealers, they committed an act that clearly violated Gus' express wishes. That seems unlikely.

2. As clumsily as Gail's questions about the cook might have been, the fact that Victor chose that moment to walk up and stare at the two cooks, presumably eavesdropping on whatever Walt's answer might be, was orders of magnitude clumsier. They couldn't have telegraphed their intention to kill Walter as soon as possible in a more crystal clear fashion if they had just told him that.

We know that Gus' subsequent killing of Victor was meant as a message to Walt and Jesse -- perhaps Victor was presumptuous in starting the cook (most likely it was that he exposed himself to witnesses at Gail's apartment). But while Gus was not witness to Victor's obvious attempt to horn in on Gail's questioning of Walter, he must have recognized that Victor was pretty reckless in situations like these -- making him at least as expendable as his two cooks.
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