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So, we've noticed some light static on a few of the podcasts, and we've had several listener reports of same.  We had this a few years ago, and we ended up replacing all the cabling, and eventually our mixer, to eliminate the noise.  

This morning we just replaced all the mic cabling with much higher grade cabling.  One theory is that as we adjust our mics on their stands throughout the podcast, our cabling has gotten a bit of "wiggle" and "give" at the plug that is causing the noise.  Not only did we get better cable, but the business end has a 90 degree plug that should eliminate the stress on the cable as adjustments are made.   If that doesn't eliminate the issue, then we'll replace the mixer, probably with something a bit more professional grade than the Behringer Xenyx we're using now.

Just wanted you to know we're working on the issue.  Your Bald Move dollars at work.


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Update; it's still fucked, and we're 99% sure it's the mixer now.  We're thinking of replacing our venerable Behringer with a Scarlet 18i8 audio interface.  We're a bit leery of all the software side mixing and what not going on, but a lot of the folks on the podcasting group we participate are having us lean this way, and after reading reviews and watching youtube videos of different professional setups, we're getting close to pulling the trigger on it.
    Anyone have opinions on this rig?  It seems like it would allow us to do 2 mix-minus setups at once if we wanted to, drive four mics, and unlike our existing solution, we could separate all the inputs as different tracks coming into Audition, which would be nice.  Currently we fake this by fading Jim's mic input right and mine left, and then split the stereo to two mono tracks, but being able to do that with all the channels would be handy.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Update #3:  We just got in our new mixer.  Check it out, the past, present, and future of Bald Move mixers...

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