205 - "No Room At The Inn"

Director: Nicole Kassell
Writer: Damon Lindelof & Jacqueline Hoyt


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    Pre-episode name game: Joseph and Mary had to stay in the barn with the animals because there was no room at the inn, so Jesus was born in those humble surroundings. That's why there are animals in all the nativity scenes, from which Jill stole a baby Jesus last season.
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    @Nikkip I think it has to do with the population of the town Miracle.
    Ok it's been a few mins. Shocker!!!
    Oh yea, Matts wife is named Mary.
    I don't like where this headin.
    No One Laughs At God, I like the lyrics, a lot.
  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
    This show makes me feel emotions i didn't know i had
  • This episode was a crazy fucking ride. I laughed, I cried, I yelled "DON'T PULL OVER!" at the screen... Another great episode and a worthy sequel to the Matt Jamison episode from season 1.
  • Guaranteed, Mary is going to start "talking" to Kevin, when no one else is around. 
  • Wonderful episode. The depressing parts will probably be responsible for more declines in viewership though. I would've gone immediately back down the ladder once I saw those darts lol. I wonder if the show is trolling the audience to question whether a well-endeared character like Matt is guilty of rape in line with the other dual conclusions one can come to thus far. I think he is being truthful.
  • ClaretoClareto New Zealand
    Well, I guess I can cross 'seeing Christopher Eccelston's dick' off the bucket list.
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    @Clareto Hahahah holy shit that made me laugh. I am guessing we have a fellow doctor who fan here...

    Well that episode was....fucking great. Easily, easily the best of the season so far. Christopher Eccleston is an absolute joy to watch, the emotions he elicits on his face! Incredible actor. The fucking QUESTIONS this show makes you ask yourself are just sooo good, what it keeps from you never feels cheap but utterly earned. It could be totally believable that Mary did wake, Matt doesn't  doubt it for a second and why should we...but there is still that niggling feeling in the back of your mind that is so true to reality when someone tells you something unbelievable. And even if it did happen, Matt is probably feeling that same niggling feeling, wondering if it was real, will happen again? That being said, I do believe Matt, unless he had some sort of mental break, I cannot see him crossing that line.

    So after an episode of Matt trying desperately to return, he realizes, to maintain the population number he has to leave so his wife and now baby can stay, keeping the status quo. But I didn't understand why he put himself in the stocks. It didn't feel like it was all about freeing that guy, he seemed to think he needed to atone for something...but what?

    Also, did you spot that guy sitting with one of the guilty remnant burial dolls? Hahah, omg, you wonder is that a replica if his wife, sister, just some doll he's hanging out with? Great set dressing on that camp outside Jarden.

    Man oh man, I can't wait to hear you guys dig into this one, there is a hell of a lot to talk about.
  • The whole episode was great, but I absolutely loved the cold open. Repeating the same routine day after day in the hopes that she wakes up again, if she even woke up to begin with. And the building of tension was so palpable. I was even drawn closer into to my screen to see if I could make out something on the night vision footage. I couldn't look away. It was also an incredibly moving sequence, which also complicates things later on when you consider the possibility that she never woke up and what that would mean for Matt and what he did as well as his psychological state.

    And As uncomfortable as it is to think about the possible implications of Mary being pregnant, I'm really glad the writers didn't shy away from it.

    I'm wondering if Matt's decision to enter the stocks at the end shows that even he is wondering whether Mary actually woke up or not and what that would mean if she didn't wake up. I know he seemed sure in talking John, but I'm wondering if he's doubtful underneath.

    It's certainly fitting that his favorite book is Job. Oh and does anyone have any thoughts on hitting the big dude with the paddle and calling Bryan?

    Lastly, I just wanted to say that I thought that the camp was really well realized. What a horror show. As painful as it is to see Matt in the stocks, I'm glad they found a way to get a POV inside the camp.
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    @DaveyMac was there something to the Bryan thing other than it being just weird, Ie. A biblical reference?
    When Matt went into the stocks, I was kinda like good for him, I felt that he was the hero. Last season and he ratted out Nora's husband when she didn't give up the cash, I thought he was kinda of an ass.. On this journey he didn't soil himself to get to his ends.
  • Wonderful episode. The depressing parts will probably be responsible for more declines in viewership though. I would've gone immediately back down the ladder once I saw those darts lol. I wonder if the show is trolling the audience to question whether a well-endeared character like Matt is guilty of rape in line with the other dual conclusions one can come to thus far. I think he is being truthful.

    It's not trolling the audience at all. We are supposed to have doubt (much like the other character did) of Matt's actions. Did he actually rape her or did she wake up. Was he so delusional that he thought she woke up when she really had no change? It's a twisted mind frack of a situation.

    Great episode overall as its been said before, this show for some reason gets to me emotionally on a level no other show really does. It's a shame it's in such a tough time slot or else it might do better, but still one of my favorite shows this time of year.
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    @kingbee67 I think Matt was a sinning machine almost from start to finish: 

    • I'm not a Christianity buff, but it seemed sacrilegious that he placed faith in his new-found morning ritual in hopes of healing Mary instead of in God.
    • He became physically violent with Mary. It is unknown how far he would have gone without the camera as a witness.
    • His cursing fit in the bathroom.
    • He lied to the clinic/hospital about his wife's condition and was willing to lie continually instead of remaining true despite the consequences.
    • He allowed pride to control him with the wedding guest and with John.
    • I doubt beating the man with an oar was becoming of a man of God.
    • He displayed callousness and disrespect for the dead with the father and to the son.
    • However temporarily, but selfishly in my opinion, he shirked his duties to his wife by opting to exile himself to atone for his sins.

    I don't think Matt changed much from last season. Like the father of this episode, Matt likely would have risked potentially killing someone to get back in if given the opportunity. Maybe he will improve greatly this time.
  • This show makes me feel emotions i didn't know i had

    Same. The Matt episode was one of my favorites last season and this one was just as good. Poor Matt must be the unluckiest dude on this planet - how does he still keep his faith and how is he being able to stay so positive all the time?

    Also, I absolutely can't wait to find out what the hell happened to John. He is ice cold. But still such a compelling character.

    What was up with the dude in the visitor center, the one that said "she says you have to get her back or he'll die"? Did Matt hallucinate him too?
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    @firewalker601, your right he did some wrong things but I think that was out of desperation to help the wife or save the baby. What I kinda meant was he did not go to a dark place and sell his soul. He tried to get the money by telling the lady the truth but she was warped and had him paddle that guy. The guy in line was beyond an ass. I think he was alright to the father and son, dad was dead on his own folly, and he gave the kid to a fireman. If he feels he has to atone for those things even better for him.
  • akiaki
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    Do you guys think that Matt is recording marry at night because he himself needs prof because part of him isn't sure it really happened? After all we've seen Matt have interesting dreams before, and it's questionable whether Marry spoke to Matt during the crash without another person confining the account.

    I was just thinking before this episode of what would the show do with a character with the name "mary". I thought "virgin Mary" where we find out marry is pregnant and Matt had to believe it was some miracle but we the viewers were given an alternate take with someone raping marry. Gosh, that would have been really dark, so I'm glad I can sleep a little easier knowing we won't see that. Although I suppose the thought of Matt taping marry isn't really that much better :/
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    Too much obvious religious dogma bullshit and references in this ep to really enjoy it. Hopefully this isn't that present in the rest of the episodes and just a symptom of it being the Matt episode... or Reza Aslan will have officially ruined this season with his nonsense.
    Josh B.
  • TV is good at getting a lot of emotions out of viewers, but genuine inspiration isn't usually one of them. I felt inspired by this episode. Inspired by Matt's loving devotion to his wife day after day after day even though he's getting nothing from her. Inspired by his decision to get the guy out of the gallows (although I would be horrified and disappointed if he really did it because he raped Mary.) And inspired by the sheer quality of this episode from top to bottom. Could have easily made a movie out of this episode.
  • @aki I think Matt believes that Mary can somehow choose to become lucid. He may be trying to catch her in the act. He may also want to prove it to himself, but he seemed so confident of her short recovery that he was about to tell the congregation.

    @kingbee67 I think it would be troubling if Matt chose to atone because, including his other sins, he doubts his sanity and doesn't want to potentially abuse her again. He didn't seem to waver about her snapping out of it when he wasn't obviously lying, but he seemed to have progressed from one way conversations with her in an earlier episode this season to speaking for her and speaking back to her this episode.
  • DaveyMac said:

    Oh and does anyone have any thoughts on hitting the big dude with the paddle and calling Bryan?  

    I thought this was another instance of someone trying to recreate an event that happened in the past, like maybe this guy's name is Bryan and he was being beaten with a paddle on the day of the Departure. It's about as crazy as someone killing a goat in a diner every day.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Wow, this episode knocked me on my ass. That final piece with Matt saving that man with the Regina Spector (?) piece playing underneath was incredible. As was both John and Matt staredowns.

    Was I the only one who was scared to death Matt and or Mary was going to drown in a flash flood? So, once again, thanks for pulling the punches Lindelof.

    Totally co-sign the idea that this show can make you feel feelings you didn't know you had.
  • GanGan
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    Loved this episode, except for that laughing with god song at the end. As an atheist, that enjoys christian music from time to time i dunno, I found it kind of offensive since it purports that everyone needs some sort of god for them to deal with life's problems or painfulness or poverty or loss. I've been poor, and on the street, and have experienced loss, and well, I didn't become any more religious in those times, so i think it. was pretty pushy in its message, a minor disappointment to an otherwise amazing episode.

    edit: also, I hope I didn't offend anyone religious with this post. I really liked the melody, vocals and instrumentation of the song. it's message in the lyrics was just a tad too pushy for me.
    DaveyMacJosh B.
  • @kingbee67 I'm not sure if there is a bible reference or not in the Brian thing. I was just curious if anyone had any thoughts. The first thing that popped into my head was actually Monty Python.

    @edatlin I was also thinking maybe it was a ritual of recreation. It's interesting too how specific it is in that the person who beats him needs to be a man of God.

    @Gan I had similar reservations about the song, though I must admit I don't know much about Regina Spektoror the song so maybe there is a bit of irony involved?

    Lastly I wanted to say that for me, I don't think it's all that debatable on whether Matt is telling the truth. I think he absolutely is, from his perspective. Whether Mary woke up or not, I think he honestly believes his story. That doesn't mean he still couldn't have doubts on some kind subconscious level. Especially with everyone else casting doubt on his story.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    Early on I thought for sure that Mary was going to die, needless to say I didn't see that pregnancy coming.

    Crazy prediction: In season 3 we find out Matt isn't the father, and of course we never find out who is.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    @gan, I didn't get that from the song at all. I think it was a lament about the appropriate uses for faith and God versus the in appropriate and offensive ways it is used, which get most of the press.
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
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    I'm kinda on the fence on the god thing but I loved that song. I felt it was about how everyone sometimes needs something. You can go thru life careless until that moment and sometimes you gotta have faith in something when the chips are down. I like too take a positive approach.
    @Daveymac when someone is paddling my sweet ass I like them to call me Cochise.
  • Just wanted to pop in to say that The Leftovers is absolutely crushing everything else on TV this year.  Another pitch-perfect episode.
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    I'm in love with Nora Durst. She's like the lowest key action hero ever, but in a cool way. Handcuffs herself to her sleepwalking boyfriend last episode, shows up to rescue Matt here.

    "It's anonymous, Matt. Get in the trunk"


  • I think Matt is his own worst enemy. He's both pitifully emasculated by the world and domineering, depending on the circumstance. He's relatable yet off-putting, kind and yet a complete jackass. I worked with someone like him once - he even looked over his glasses the way that Matt does. Immediately upon meeting the guy one felt sorry for him, but he had a tremendous amount of pent up rage and aggression which quickly made you dislike him, which made him feel like a victim, and round and round his messed up psyche went. It amazes me to see this character on screen.
  • akiaki
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    @A_Ron_Hubbard I wasn't afraid about Matt drowning, although I was afraid for both Mary and the actress who plays Mary (Janel Moloney). I hope they didn't have to go thru too many takes (nope, Jamel, I could see you trying to breath. Again!)

    @chrisk : I agree! That line (and the delivery of it) was awesome. Nice job "somebody coon" :)
  • akiaki
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    @firewalker601 the other moment that made me wonder if Matt had any doubt about his experience with Mary was the scene at the hospital when the nurse asked Matt if there was "anything in her behavior to suggest a change?". It didn't look as though Matt was trying to hide or felt odd about hiding Mary's awakening. This isn't absolute prof, but it gave me a little pause (along with Matt recording Mary).
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