Master of None

Aziz Ansari's new show on Netflix. It's had good critical buzz, and after a few episodes i agree, it's been really good so far. Anyone else watching?


  • I binged the whole thing today and was about to start a thread myself. This show is so good!! Aziz Ansari and Noel Wells have crazy amounts of chemistry, and their relationship arc is masterfully done. The supporting cast is super funny! I especially love Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric fame and H. Jon Benjamin. This show has done a great job of filling the hole in my heart Parks and Rec left behind. It brings that same attitude of joy and positivity, and Aziz Ansari is at least as charming and funny as Tom Haverford, if not more so. In my opinion, this may be the best comedy of the year.
  • I watched the first couple episodes last night. It was pretty good even if at times it's trying a bit too hard to be hip.

    The only thing that turned me off a little was what they have done with Eric Wareheim's character so far. The show is very grounded and his antics just seem to silly and farcical to work in this setting. But again, I've only seen a couple episodes. The show definitely has heart and I laughed more than a couple times. Look forward to watching more soon.
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    If Louie is a Bentley, Master of None is a Chrysler 300. Nothing wrong with 300, mind you, but it damn sure ain't the Bentley it's trying look like.

    Seriously though, I do like the show. Hadn't heard anything about it, and next thing you know, it's on my netflix feed. Love Lena Waithe in this. She steals every scene.
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    Freddy said:

    If Louie is a Bentley, Master of None is a Chrysler 300. Nothing wrong with 300, mind you, but it damn sure ain't the Bentley it's trying look like.

    While Master of None certainly owes a lot to Louie, especially in the vignette structure, I think it's a much different show. It's tone is a lot more optimistic (which I find pretty refreshing, much like Kimmy Schmidt and Parks), and doesn't try for all the surrealist stuff that Louie does.
  • Watched the first episode and was not motivated to continue, but I will eventually give it another couple episodes.
  • My wife and I binged this up over the weekend and totally loved it. I just loved the feel of it and the relationship chemistry and the point of view. I had heard about how food becomes this big part of the show and I thought that was strange, but I ended up grabbing onto and loving it. I guess the food centeredness made it hit home with my life. The Google search for a taco place is totally something that I have lived multiple times for instance, and a lot of those conversations just felt really natural to me. I really liked how much classic Woody Allen I saw from it. I loved his parents, particularly his dad (which in case anyone hadn't heard is his real dad). His dad stole every scene he was in. Tough to dive much deeper without specifics, but I really, really enjoyed it and was super bummed that there were only 10 episodes. I'm really hoping for a season 2.
  • I watched Master of None during our holiday break and liked it.  Kinda continues in the trend of Louie or some other shows that blend comedy and existential angst.  Right up my alley.  Definitely agree that those 2 have great chemistry. I actually thought all of Aziz's friends were great too, including Paro.
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    Favorite line of the season is definitely "I been up in them guts, girl."
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    Season 2 just got the green light, but we won't be seeing it until 2017. Just FYI.
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