Completely Pointless Post (about Jesse Plemons)

AndrewAndrew New York
I was watching the classic film, "Like Mike" with my son last night and was shocked when I saw Brat Damon, a young Jesse Plemons playing the orphanage bully.  He was young, carefree, and happy... as if he didn't yet realize he looked like Jesse Plemons.

Then, I saw Morris Chestnut, who looked exactly the same way he looks in those terrible commercials for Rosewood.  You know, that show on Fox where his heart is going to explode in the finale aptly titled, "FloJosewood."

What a difference 13 years made for Jesse, and what a lack of difference it made for Morris!  I had to share because my flabber was so gasted.  Sorry in advance...



  • Although Morris is one of the State's exhibits in the case the public is calling Black Don't Crack, Jesse was still a kid 13 years ago and Morris was already an adult. Kids change much more rapidly per year than adults do.

    Fargo Jesse Plemmons is not a good look, but to me he's not a bad looking man without the bloat. I thought he was cute on BB. Lol @ "Brat Damon."
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    Even with the extra weight I think he looks pretty good. I think it may have more to do with the character he plays on Fargo... bad posture, insecure, body language, all that. Amazing actor really.
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