What Was the #1 Movie and Song When You Were Born?

I'm guessing this site is US statistics only since I don't see any way to specify the region unfortunately. 



Never saw it but wow what a cast.


I had this in my GTA Vice City custom radio station.

I'm also apparently 17.25 million minutes old, FML. 


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    This is a fun game!

    I got Dog Day Afternoon (Pacino, very underrated) and I'm Sorry by John Denver (yeesh!)

    @ghm3 not ashamed to say I have that song on my phone and it gets heavy rotation
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    For movie I got Cocoon (never heard of it, it's got 2 Oscars but I'm not into alien movies so don't think I'll watch it).
    For song I got Everybody wants to rule the world by Tears For Fears, but I've done this test a bunch of times before and I swear I've gotten 4 or 5 different results, so I don't know how they calculate this...

    PS. There is also this site, where you can get the New York Times bestseller books for your birthweek. Mine is Skeleton Crew by Stephen King.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I got 2001: A Space Odyssey, which I've never seen - not a huge Kubrick fan. (Secretly I was hoping for Oliver)

    The song I got is one I've never heard of - Tighten Up by Archie Bell and The Drells. I found it on iTunes and it's kinda funky. :-)
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    And thanks to @Reni I feel super old - my #1 book is Airport by Arthur Hailey.
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
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    Movie: Terms of Endearment
    Song: Say, Say, Say by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

    Apparently people must have still been hungover on cocaine and booze from New Years cuz that's terrible.
    Jan 1984
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
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    The song Hello Goodbye by the Beatles
    Movie The Graduate

    Like the movie a lot the song was a ok one off the Magical Mystery Tour album.
    I used the site @Reni posted to find the book. It was Confessions Of Nat Turner. A book about a slavery revolt in 1831. I looked it up and it said it was controversial because it was in the perspective of a black man written by a white guy. So I don't think I will be reading this one soon.
  • The Towering Inferno

    Please Mr. Postman
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    Movie - Rambo: First Blood Part II

    Song - Wham - Everything She Wants

    Haha damn that George Michael

    Book - Jubal Sackett - Louis L'Amour
  • Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
    Song: Lipps, Inc. - Funkytown
    Book: Robert Ludlum - The Bourne Identity
  • UnderwoodUnderwood Philadelphia, PA
    Movie - The people under the Stairs ( never seen it )

    Song - Emotions by Mariah Carey ( never heard it )

    @Dee is definitely winning for best movie so far.
  • Song - Sugar Pie Honey Pie - The Temptations

    Movie - 'Tickle Me' with Elvis (ain't got no idea what the hell this is)

    This thread makes me feel old.
    [Deleted User]Raiyne
  • @Dee Wow so all this time you've had no idea what my avatar is, hmm. 

    I'd at least highly encourage you to watch Dr. Strangelove. It's my favorite Kubrick movie and unlike his others; it's a comedy, and a brisk 95 minute one at that. The cast is wonderful and Peter Sellers plays three characters perfectly.
  • JimJim
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    On Golden Pond???  WTF?  I'm so mad about this.

    I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) by Hall & Oates.  Ok, that works.

    Can't decide who got the coolest combo but there are some great ones up there.  Every single one is cooler than my combo.
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    Am I the only one who is looking at how old everyone is and not so secretly enjoying that there are a bunch of people older than me? I guess 40 will do that to you...
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    Great idea for a thread. This is really fun.

    I've never heard of the movie, Gray Lady Down. I guess it was a Charlton Heston submarine movie.

    For the song, it was Night Fever by the Bee-Gees. Ha!

  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
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    Movie - The War Of The Roses

    Song - Another Day In Paradise by Phil Collins

    Book - Daddy by Danielle Steele

    Not familiar with the movie, but love the song. The less said about the book, the better!
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    Love this thread BTW.
  • Movie: Platoon (never seen it)

    Song: At This Moment by Billy Vera and the Beaters (never heard of it)
    [Deleted User]TaraC73
  • I think @kingbee67 gets my vote for the best combo. Individually I think Tears for Fears and Empire Strikes Back are my favorites mentioned, but it's super tough to beat the Beatles and the Graduate as a package.
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    My father turned 83 Monday, so I did his
    Song Bing Crosby "Dinah"
    Movie Air mail (haven't seen it, Ralph Bellamy from Trading Places, the guy who bets on Eddie Murphy.)
    Book The Good Earth by Pearl S buck (saw the movie.)
  • I got Beetlejuice and A Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins. Never heard the song but Beetlejuice is a cool guy.
  • Beetlejuice is quality. That's a really fun movie. Plus, bonus points for the Harry Belefante. The end with the "shake, shake, shake senora" and the dancing always makes me smile. 

    Groovy Kind of Love is pretty much your standard Phil Collins 80s ballad. It's no Against All Odds, but it's ok.

  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    Police Academy 2 and One More Night by Phil Collins. Fuckin' great.

    Watch @bizmarkiefader and @amyja89 , half the board is going to get Phil Collins hits.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    evilhomer said:
    Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
    Song: Lipps, Inc. - Funkytown
    Book: Robert Ludlum - The Bourne Identity

    And we have a winner.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
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    @ghm3 Nope, had no idea. When I looked up IMDb I've seen more Kubrick movies than I thought I had, but not Dr Strangelove either. I find his style really sterile and his pacing kind of glacial. I know that gets me kicked out of Movie Lovers Club!
  • @Freddy It's true. It's easy to take for granted, but Collins really did eat up a sizable chunk of the 80s on top of the charts. I'm sure Michael was on top for longer, but I doubt many (if any) other artists would have him beat on that front.

  • Movie - 2001 A Space Odyssey

    Song - Simon and Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson

    Book - Airport - Author Hailey

    Did I just date myself? Damn
  • OliviaDOliviaD Cincinnati, Ohio
    Movie: the secret of my success
    Song: nothing's gonna stop us now - starship
  • This painful to admit :-)
    Movie: Morituri. (Starred Brando)
    Song: Satisfaction (Rolling freak'in Stones)

  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Well, @raiyne, if your profile pic is you, then I have to say, you don't look a day over the most flattering age you get mistaken for.
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