Star Wars Prediction on Kylo (potential spoilers)

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Less than 2 weeks to go. Here's my thinking of Kylo. Obviously this is just guesswork but I guess potential spoiler if it ends up being right.

Kylo Ren is Han and Leia's Son
Luke trained him but he went dark and that's why Luke has gone into hiding
He will eventually become good. Maybe not by end of episode 7 but before the end of the trilogy.
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    I'm on board with that prediction. I know that happened in the EU and even though it's not considered canon, I could see them keeping that storyline.

    BTW I bought my tix today. I've been trying to contain my excitement but I'm officially stoked for Ep. 7 now!
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    I don't have a problem with this idea so much but it gets close to something that the prequels did, which was to build too many connections back to the original trilogy. Having Anakin be the creator of C3PO was a bad choice because it made little sense and made the universe seem very small. Same thing with Yoda and Chewbacca being friends. There's a fine line between organic world building and patronizing fanservice, and I hope JJ has more sense than Lucas did.
  • good point @Frakkin

    I guess the only reason i am ok with it is that the main characters are still in this story so its not as far fetched. But Finn and Rey should not be related to one of the families. 

    One thing we do know is Star Wars is about a Skywalker. So maybe this trilogy is about Kylo who is a Skywalker. 

    The best part of all of this is the fact i am just totally guessing and have no idea. i love the mystery!
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    I've been watching a lot of Star Wars stuff the past few days. If you're interested, IGN's Rebel Base has a good theoretical discussion about Kylo and the First Order. I watched on you tube. I'm not sure how old it was.
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    All of this hype over "who is Kylo Ren" and I keep thinking to myself "why can't he just be a cool new character with no ties to anyone?"

    * not meant to offend OPs idea - that's plausible no doubt. But I'd like him to just be a new character :) no relation to anyone.
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    Some good shooting the shit star wars theories here:

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