What good is a cure anyway?

This thought percolates in my brain while watching the show now and then and I always forget about it - what's the big benefit to a cure for the walker disease? Even if you cure it, and people who die don't turn, you still have to deal with all the zombies that still exist before you can really move on. If there's no cure, and you've gotten most of the existing zombies, at worst you've got an additional step when someone dies. I suppose the idea is maybe there's a vaccine so that if you're bitten it doesn't kill you. But that seems like a smaller concern in these circumstances. The big problem is all the walkers out there at present.

Granted, if someone just dies in their sleep, they could do some damage in the right environment. But if you know that's a possibility, you can remake your world to account for it. Not that anyone on TWD appears to have learned that.

Speaking of killing off the zombies, I think this has been discussed on the podcast before, but would it be that hard to get rid of all the zombies? I think Jim and Aron have speculated the world is at 5 or 10% of it's former population. So if that's true, if every person kills 20 zombies then problem solved right? Some of those people left may be kids or elderly, but at this point probably not many, but let's say one person has to kill 40 zombies. That seems doable.


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    Either people think that maybe the zombies can be brought back to their former selves or they think a Eugune style "Fight fire with fire" method of just nuking the shit out of the zombies will kill most of them (which would also kill the living, soooo....).

    But anyway, ANY talk of a cure is BOWLSHIT, because it aint happenin. It would take a massive cooperation to take out every damn zombie. And how do you know when you've got the last one? You never do. People are dying every day and not all of em are just put down thats for sure. And there are defintely people who just whole up and dont kill zombies. Hell, freaking Taras original fistbump crew didnt even know how to kill a zombie! So I'd say the chances of actually wiping out the walker population are slim to none

    EDIt: And i dont think the show will ever really get too far into this issue, so we'll probs never know
  • People are dying every day and not all of em are just put down thats for sure.

    It all comes down to that if you ask me. people die everywhere, in weird places where you'd never expect it. Without a cure, you could walk into the bathroom at a TGI Fridays 50 years after the outbreak and a walker could be waiting at the urinal to restart this whole apocalypse thing.

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    I could see a point where 99.999% of the zombies have been killed, and we go back to something relatively normal. The first couple of generations would be very serious and survival-minded people, and smart enough to know they have to be ready to fight the dead at any time. It might be easy for a small outbreak (up to maybe 10 people) to happen, but if every single person knows and is ready to respond, you wouldn't have the massive outbreak. Lax open carry laws, well-armed first responders, security systems to lock down a building quickly, and mandatory head-stabs whenever anyone dies.
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    Yeah, a world with the z-virus is a world that fundamentally changes how you feel about simple things such as sleeping with loved ones.
  • What I don't understand is why they just don't build a building/house with retractable steps....

    Find a home for yourself that that is very high, that requires steps to be able to enter, then tear down those steps and build steps that you can retract. How would a zombie get in then? They'd not be able to climb it. It's too high to even attempt to jump on top of. There's no steps to take...

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    @trippy Everyone is infected so burning bodies to counteract the spread of the virus is rather pointless. I guess under their circumstances burying has a little more dignity. Without a proper crematory oven burning a corpse is a disgusting undertaking.
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