2016 - Reaping a serious toll already.

HeffHeff Connecticut
Well, it seems 2016 has been off to a really awful start among celebrities so far. 

Brian Bedford - voice actor of the anthromorphic fox Robin Hood in the old Disney Robin Hood animated movie.
Jason Wingreen - voice of Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy.
David Bowie - Musician, played the Goblin King in the 80s movie Labyrinth.
Alan Rickman - Actor, played Hans Gruber in the first Die Hard movie, starred in Galaxy Quest, and played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies.

Not to mention several celebrities who died right at the end of 2015, including Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead.

I can't personally think of a year that had this many high profile deaths so quickly, and I haven't even listed every one I came across.


  • Celebrities just can't catch a break these days. RIP.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Angus Scrimm (who played The Tall Man in the Phantasm movies for the horror junkies on the board) died just hours before Bowie. Granted he was 89 years old, but still. 2016 is a bitch so far.
  • Yeah real bummer of a start to the year.  
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    More people dying because baby boomers are getting up there in age.
  • Add Grizzly Adams to the list.
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    edited January 2016
    I was working a catering job at a duck hunting lodge and Grizzly Adams was there as a member. I think that was the biggest(as in tall and wide) person I have ever seen. I was looking at his wiki page I always thought he was a pro football player at one time, guess I was wrong.
  • HeffHeff Connecticut
    Saw news this morning that the widow of the deceased Static-X singer (Wayne Static) killed herself overnight, too.

    Somebody check the Incan, Mayan, Chinese calendars; I think 2016 might show up as the "Year Of The Falling Stars." 
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    if I was a celebrity over 60 I would be making doctors appointments to make sure everything is okay with my machinery.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    So if we go by the 'threes' rule, based on movie and screen stars (not voice actors, wives, etc.) then we have our three - Bowie, Rickman, and Haggerty, all within a span of 5 days.  Let's hope that's all.   I do think that what @kingbee67 said is true, though:  people of a certain age group are seeing more of the musicians/actors that they grew up with pass away right now as these people become older and older.  Very sad.
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  • @Heff just learned of Tera Static passing as well. Sorry to hear it. Im still not over Wayne passing
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  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    Glenn Frey of the Eagles Jan 18
  • HeffHeff Connecticut
    Abe Vigoda died today, from what I'm reading. The list isn't growing quite so fast anymore, but it's still a fairly long list for only being January.

  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    edited January 2016
    I thought Vigoda was dead when he turned up in Look Who's Talking, also about the time he did a Snickers candy ad. So until I see a body I don't believe it. Fish from The Barney Miller show lives!!
    Larga vida a los peces!!!
  • image
    All the nightmares came today, and it looks as though they're here to stay...
  • RIP Prince.  If anyone grew up mildly interested in wrestling, Chyna also passed away recently.
  • FernNYC17FernNYC17 New York, NY
    edited April 2016
    RIP Doris Roberts too for anyone who loved Everybody Loves Raymond.
    Is there a good place that I can squanch around here?
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    @GredalBee i know it's not a contest but I feel bad for Chyna, her little moment of rememberance is going to be overshadowed by Princes death. RIP Joanie.
  • edited April 2016
    Chyna's life after wrestling was not a good one but she, more than any other female wrestler, paved the way for Women's wrestling today. Hell, she was IC champ twice. She will be missed dearly
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  • voodooratvoodoorat Atlanta
    edited April 2016
    Bowie and Prince alone are two hugely influential legends, shocking to lose them both so quickly.

    Don't forget about Garry Shandling.

    And it's only April.  Yeesh.

    (also, Prince's protegee Vanity died, also at 57, back in February...)
  • MichelleMichelle California
    My heart is hurting today.  This one hit me closer to home than all the others.  He was one of my favorites.  I grew up on his music and still love it to this day.  I'm still numb and in shock.  I'm at my 9-5 and it's been hard not to tear up here at my desk.  Rest peacefully, sweet Prince. 


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  • What crushing news about Prince. Devastating. At 57, he still had so much to share with the world.

    That meme I posted of GRRM above is a bit inaccurate. If that were true, some of these dearly departed can be brought back. :(

    All the nightmares came today, and it looks as though they're here to stay...
  • I'm super bummed that youtube doesn't have the clip from Purple Rain in the movie where he is playing the B-Section of Computer Blue on the piano. Beautiful stuff. That news is shocking and a total bummer.

    I really want a Grizzly Bear sidekick, but Daniel Rossen won't return my phone calls.

  • voodoorat said:

    Don't forget about Garry Shandling.

    Bill Simmons had a great podcast with Louis CK and they had a very nice couple of minutes discussing Shandling. Definitely worth a listen if you're into Simmons and Louie. Great, really interesting discussion and even though that part is brief the Shandling stuff is very nice.

    I really want a Grizzly Bear sidekick, but Daniel Rossen won't return my phone calls.

  • MichelleMichelle California
    You can't find anything of his on Spotify or YouTube.  He was so passionately protective over his work.  The only vids you can find are fan-made or clips that someone took while at a concert.  I agree though @Travis, that was beautiful.
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  • At this rate, you might as well sticky this thread to the top.  RIP to Muhammad Ali, Gordie Howe, and actor Anton Yelchin.  I just saw Green Room a few days ago and now he's dead.  This is fucking ridiculous.
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Boston MA
    Anton Yelchin can't be dead--he's got a Star Trek franchise to be in!

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  • trippytrippy Saint Louis
    Muhammad Ali hit me pretty hard.  He was ubiquitous throughout my childhood.  One of those people you think are immortal.  His life spanned a huge spectrum of public life, from civil rights, war protest, sports god, religious freedom, health advocacy. 
    Nothing says 'This situation is serious' like a corpse on the floor.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    Prince Be, lead singer of PM Dawn. Rest in blissful peace.
    "Scorch the damn earth before you." - Liz Taylor, AHS
  • Wow can't believe Anton Yelchin is dead. What a freak accident. 
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA

    Wow can't believe Anton Yelchin is dead. What a freak accident. 

    I just read about this. What a fucking weird thing! Jesus.
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