31 Days Of Oscar (My favorite tv time of the year)

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Yes! The schedule is out for the 2016 31 Days Of Oscar. For those who don't know this is an annual event where TCM(Turner Classic Movies) shows Oscar winning and nominated films 24/7 Feb 1 until Mar 2. This year they are going with the 360 degrees theme they used a couple years back. "Each film will connect in some way with the next featured film." Last time they bookended them with Kevin Bacon movies (I think one was Diner).

So on the podcast there is always talk on the references of classic films that show up on the shows like True Detective and Fargo so this is a good time to brush up on your film history. On the Breaking Bad podcast I heard the saying Walter White is Mr Chips gone to Scarface. Well, on Feb 25 you can watch Goodbye Mr. Chips at 10 am that's the musical version starring Peter O Toole. On Feb 27 at 12:30 they are playing the original from 1939 (the golden year of Hollywood). I'll set my DVR that is one of my favorite films. I have counted that I have seen about 80 of the movies all the way thru out of about 360, so my work looks cut out for me.

Anyway the first day kicks off with movies like Bridge On The River Kwai!!! Now that were in between GOT Walking Dead and all, this is great. If anyone needs recommendations or questions I would be more than pleased to help out.




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    I know I keep beating this drum, but I feel I would be doing a disservice if I didn't.

    I have this affliction when I see some movies where my face tightens up my eyes water and my nose runs. Maybe it's the lighting or something. Tonight at 430 am PST one of those movies is on Auntie Mame starring Rosland Russell. Set your DVR for this great family film.
    Also on in a hour or so Cool Hand Luke followed by The Dirty Dozen and to top it off The Wild Bunch, some manly man movies. I have never seen The Wild Bunch so I'll set my DVR.

    Also there was a podcast this week on The Shining. They talked about other films by Kubrick. On Wed at 10:30 pm PST A Clockwork Orange is on.
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