Audio Clips in the Podcast

Question for Jim and ARon - Just curious if you've ever considered using audio clips from the shows you cover in your podcast?  I've heard it done at times on other podcasts.  

I know it's not really your thing but, on occasion, when you are discussing a very intense scene or a great line, I think it could add a little something.  I know there are times when you are talking about a great scene like Tyrion on the witness stand or something where I'm itching to hear a little of it as you are discussing it.

It certainly could be overdone.  I'm just talking 1 or 2 per cast, very short, to give a taste of some of the better moments.

I'm not saying you should do this.  I'm certain you guys have discussed and chosen not to.  I'm just curious as to your thought process behind it.


  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    I agree that this would be great. Was it used in the first season of True Detective? For some reason that sound familiar, but maybe I am just remembering the change in format and audio cues which were different than typical recaps. I'd hate to see it overdone, as @DrKen mentions.

     I think tons of podcasts let the audio clips dictate and interrupt the conversation. This would be problematic as well, since listening to the guys' natural conversation is what makes me love their stuff. Anyway, just my thoughts.
  • I guess it is a good point that the physical act of getting a clip ready to play focuses the conversation to go in a particular way which is something different.

    I really enjoy that the conversation is very free form.  I wouldn't want anything changing in that regard.

    Although there are scenes in shows that you just know are going to be discussed.  Those are the ones I'm thinking of.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    I like this idea!  I would have loved it during the Mad Men coverage - that would have been hilarious.
  • I think this should be used sparingly, and only when it merits inclusion (not sure what that criteria is). My concern: This adds time on the production end of things, so if effects the release of the cast time, I would skip it. 
  • Yeah I tend to agree with @hypergenesb . Though maybe, choosing a choice clip to start the podcast off with might be nice. Cutting into the discussion with one, however, doesn't really seem like it would add much, to me anyway. 

    The format is like how it was for Season 1 True Detective, then I could see it working, but I kind of liked the music interludes there as opposed to dialogue. 
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    The big problem is the way we do our podcast, we couldn't have quotes in advance.  We'd have to do the pod, see what kind of conversation comes out of it, then drop the quotes in there, which would delay the release of the pod.  

    On the other hand, we could do some shows more like TD, where we rolled that stuff into the pre-production and the conversations, or at least the kinds of conversations we had were more scripted and pre-planned. Then we could roll that work into the pre-production.

    But that shit can scale up unexpectedly.  When I committed to using actual book quotes from the audio-book versions of Game of Thrones, I had no idea how much fucking time that would take.  Not just to find the appropriate quote, but to capture it, and splice it in, oh shit, I fucked up and now all my tracks are out of alignment deal.   
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