Mercy Street on PBS

While we are in this winter lull for TV, might I suggest the new PBS show Mercy Street? It aired last Sunday (I think) but I just got around to watching it today, and I really enjoyed it. I am really into historical accuracy in period pieces, and this one seems up to snuff to me. It's about a Civil War era hotel-turned-hospital in a union-occupied confederate city. It has a lot of tropes in the story-telling, but I find it compelling enough to keep me watching, and I really enjoy Mary Elizabath Winstead as an actress (the show has a lot of great actors in general). I'm not a fan of stuff like Downtown Abbey, I prefer my history bloody and gory and full of surgeries. This is no The Knick, but it has some surprisingly gruesome injuries and surgery scenes for PBS. But, I've only seen the first episode. Ridley Scott executive-produced the show, if that means anything. It only has 6 episode, I think, and maybe some of you guys might be interested in tuning in. :) 
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