Twin Peaks - commissioned podcast available in the store

ElisaElisa Los Angeles
Is this still going to happen?  Are people interested?  I am. :o)


  • I bought a couple shares a while back.
  • DaveyMacDaveyMac Tokyo
    edited February 2016
    Money's pretty tight right now and I'm having to choose between this and Mulholland Dr., but I've to decided to go the latter route as it's a more self-contained thing. 

    Though I will say, the pilot of "Twin Peaks" works really well on its own. It's my favorite episode of the whole series.
  • BTW, Twin Peaks is now streaming on Hulu.
  • I'd love to hear their opinions on Lost Highway. 
  • MichelleMichelle California
    Has anyone thought about commissioning Blue Velvet?
  • I would love to hear their take on the later episodes where things get really weird...
  • davemcbdavemcb Melbourne
    I just finished the series this morning and I don't know what 2 hours would be best, the pilot is a nice round 2 hours of content but I would really like to hear the guys discuss Cooper's dream from ep 3 or the Mike/BOB plot lines. 

    The later episodes were OK it was the episodes right after the reveal that weren't great, but I'm still not sure about the ending of the series. I still need to watch the "Fire walk with me" movie to finish it all off and hopefully that explains a little more although I'm not holding my breath.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    @davemcb Yeah, we were discussing this in another thread. I really love Fire Walk With Me", and it sheds most of the light on what led up to the events and adds a glimpse of after the end of the second season. But don't go in expecting a huge amount. In typical Lynch fashion, it all goes at his own pace and only explains things while offering up more questions along the way.

    As for what to commission, it seems like the pilot is the most self-contained. But that would be leaving out some really awesome stuff later on. I don't know, this is a tough one.
  • Yeah I think the pilot would be the best in terms of being self-contained. The problem with some of the dream stuff or Bob is that, while it may be interesting in the context of the show, I feel like seeing it isolated would just provoke reactions like, "What the fuck was that?" and I don't know how much interesting discussion would come out of it.

    I personally love the finale. Talk about being super creepy and unnerving. I still can't believe that aired on broadcast television. Sure, I know there's blood and bodies and stuff on a lot of shows now, but that TP finale is genuinely disturbing in ways that most shows on broadcast tv can't even begin to approach.

    I need to watch Fire Walk with Me again. It's so different in tone and so much darker than the tv show, it was kind of jarring to me.  
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Yeah, I think the main issue people have with FWWM is the the darker tone--in the show it was hinted. All the stuff we see has been happening, but it has been creeping beyond everyone's sight, including the viewer's. In the movie it is out there for at least the audience to witness. Its a difficult thing to watch.

    I mean even watching it in the context of the show, the dream stuff bring up plenty of "what the fuck was that?" moments, so like @DaveyMac said it'd be extra confusing without the parameters of the show. I think the pilot is the best choice if the guys will be doing this thing in a vacuum.

    And yeah, that finale is an absolute trip. Its about as horrific as you can get, even when compared to movies. Its like a nightmare come to life. Its a real shame that once Lynch stepped back it slid so far downhill, but the nice part is once he came back for the last few episodes, it was a real hail mary catch that righted the ship.
  • Yeah there is definitely a massive course correction toward the end of season 2 when Lynch came back. That gives me high hopes for his re-launch of the show next year.
  • davemcbdavemcb Melbourne
    I think the guys would go off on the acting even though it was hammed up on purpose it was jarring after watching all the current tv how Days of Our Lives it was. If they are talking about it holding up I don't like where that conversation is going to go, because it wasn't made as a period piece it suffers the same issues as a show like Seinfeld because most issues can be solved by adding in Mobile Phones and the internet.

    I know its a Lynch thing but also TV of the time didn't trust its viewers enough so instead of just opening a note and reading it they had to say "this is a note from person X let see what it says", because TV has evolved from this it seemed very ham handed. This might be a recency bias because I did enjoy the show and I think its one of the shows that pioneered the Golden Age of television without this a number of other shows wouldn't have been made.

    I guess I might need to watch the final episode again to really take most of what happened but I was surprised with the content for back than. Its also one of the shows maybe like Lost that would have done well in 8-13 episode seasons rather than the 22 like it has in S2, a number of the issues wouldn't have come up and it would have condensed story lines that I didn't think really added anything into the overall plot.
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