Best Monster of the Week Episode from the Original 9 Seasons of the X-Files

After watching the first two episodes of Season 10, I decided I needed to get a dose of the original series, and went back and watched one of the episodes that I still remember.    It is called Detour from Season 5, and has what are supposed to be Conquistadors from the search for the Fountain of Youth by Ponce De Leon.     It is a couple parts Predator, and a couple parts of comedic back and forth between Mulder and Scully.   It still throws a good scare into you, I enjoyed it almost 20 years later.



  • I think "Home" might have the overall creepiest vibe, but the Flukeman has to be the top monster.  I just looked up the episode on Wiki, saw his picture, and quickly noped out.
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    My personal creepiest episode is Elegy. Solid ghost scares in that one.
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    The one with Pruitt Taylor Vince as the guy who sees the monsters around people, and they show up in the photographs. So much nightmare-inducing imagery in that one!
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    Detour is a great episode!

    I've always been fond of the S6 episode Field Trip where most of the episode turns out to be Mulder & Scully trapped in a giant underground fungal organism that causes them to hallucinate the investigation. I looked it up on wiki to get the title, and it was co-written by the Villigan, good stuff.

    A couple others that stand out off the top of my head:

    - The one where a sea monster gets into the plumbing in an apartment building in Florida during a hurricane.

    -the one that's kindof like The Thing at the Arctic research station

    - the groundhog day episode with the bank robbery where Mulder keeps dying (and waking up every morning to his waterbed leaking)

    -And perhaps this is due to Breaking Bad bias, but Brian Cranston's Drive episode where he has to keep moving west or his head will explode was pretty great

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    Maybe he wasn't really a monster, but the Pusher was one of my favorite X-Files villains.
  • Pusher, Drive and Monday are my favorite serious MOTW.

    Bad Blood, Clyde Bruckman's and Je Souhaite my favorite "silly" ones.

    The end of season 2 and start of 3 my favorite mytharc ones.
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