"Hail, Caesar!"

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Opinions on the latest Coen brothers movie or our coverage of same... Go!


  • TheEconomistTheEconomist Chattanooga, TN
    An enjoyable quirky movie. Josh Brolin does a masterful job anchoring this movie and all its disparate elements. I imagine it's not an easy thing to connect things and can easily be screwed up. I liked watching all the different Old Hollywood style motion pictures and the elements of production behind it. It was interesting and pleasurable to see the "old fashioned" style of entertainment devoid of the graphic violence, sex, and language that is seemingly mandatory for anything "prestige" currently, although there is plenty of hilarious innuendo. It's like how I'm more impressed by "clean" comedy sometimes because being funny while being crass or vulgar is such a low bar. Weirdly enough it might be better to see on television where you can split up its various elements because the pacing and structure is so unusual for cinema in my opinion and is probably why it's turning so many people off.
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    Was very excited to see it, then I saw some youtube reviews by critics I trust,movie buffs and Coen fans all of them, saying it was just kinda meh. I think I'll wait for the blu-ray.
  • C+ overall for me. Some brilliant moments, no doubt. But ultimately it didn't add up to much more me. There was no central character that I could connect with emotionally. 
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    I'm seeing a lot of my friends on Facebook loving it.  Hell, the Natters loved it.  I liked it, but I don't see the "love".
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    I saw it with three of my friends on Tuesday. I was indifferent and thought it was kind of forgettable, but the other three actively disliked it. Coen stuff usually takes a second viewing in my opinion. I never saw what Lebowski was all about until subsequent viewings. But this...while, I did enjoy it and think the actor's performances carried the thing...I have no interest in rewatching. It was wacky, but didn't have enough comedic beats to be funny, and it wasn't serious enough to feel any dramatic tension. Unfortunately as I walked out of the theater, I think my feelings about the movie mirrored Brolin's character about his job, "Okay, thank goodness that thing is over--on to whatever comes next!"
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA

    I'm seeing a lot of my friends on Facebook loving it.  Hell, the Natters loved it.  I liked it, but I don't see the "love".

    An emperor's new clothes situation? The Coens are well-loved and their quirky style is thought pretty highly of. Not saying there aren't moments of greatness, I just have a hard time seeing people really loving it right out of the gate. But thats just me.
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