"Horace and Pete" - Louis C.K.'s new show

Has anyone checked out "Horace and Pete" yet? It's got a great cast (Louis C.K., Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, Alan Alda, Jessica Lange). 
It's only available via Louis C.K.'s website. Much like "Louis", there's not really anything else quite like it on right now. It's shot multi-camera in the style of sitcoms with laugh tracks, but there is no laugh track here. The performances feel like theater performances, which probably has a lot to do with the way it's made. It's very shaggy in its storytelling (some elements are like mini-skits, that have nothing to do with the larger story) and it has a lot of tonal shifts. It can be funny, dramatic, dark, etc. all in the span of one episode. 

I know that I like it, but I'm not sure how much I like it until I've seen more. I've only seen the first episode so far. I suspect it will be a very polarizing show, and I'd be very curious to hear others' thoughts on it. 


  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    About done with the first episode now. I've been watching clips on youtube since it came out, but didn't take the full plunge until today. Wow... So much better than the random clips made it out to be. If Louis CK's greatest strength is his ability to illustrate how even the worst people have a good reasoning behind their convictions, then this show is his magnum opus.
  • Some previous discussion here:

    Also ARon briefly discussed it during the "Baldies" deliberations, I think he had seen it but not Jim.

    I still haven't seen it but it's definitely on my to-do list. I really enjoyed the WTF interview where Louis CK talked about the experience of making it, pretty amazing stuff. There's also an Alan Alda WTF interview that talks a lot about it.
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