Books of Substance Chapter by Chapter Casts

We all know ARon & Jim are good company, its clear to all of us that they are constantly trying to maintain a balance of not leaving their fan base that got them this far left out and making enough money to be able to not just survive at this, but grow Bald Move into something better via premium subscriptions..... in my opinion that guilt of not wanting to leave any of us out is weighing on them a little to strongly and causing them to not put enough of their A1 Quality stuff that we desire to hear on the premium side of things and thats understandable to some degree...the solution in my mind is instead of taking things away from free users, they create a new catagory were excited about no one ever gave any expectations of ever being free.

I think that catagory is chapter by chapter book reviews of books of substance....books that are full of insights, life lessons, polarizing issues and/or ideas that really make the brain wander. If it were up to me these books would probably be non fiction, but im sure there are some books that rise to the level im describing. Some books that come to mind for me I would LOVE to hear a series for and I know I would immediately subscribe to premium for include:

•Steve Jobs- Walter Isaacson  - If you have not read this one dont judge a book by its cover, its equally packed with useful life lessons and interesting topics to think about as it is about Steve Jobs life.

•48 Laws of Power- This book I feel is especially suited for a Bald Move chapter by chapter review. Primarily because each chapter starts with a different history lesson that illustrates the law of power or in some cases how not apply the law could be a persons demise. I can see Jim & ARon structuring chapter casts on this books into 2 acts...first discussing and exploring the history a little more and then discussing if the law still applies today, if the law in discussion is still moral in todays world and any situations in their own life that it applies to.

•7 Habits of Highly Effective People -  Looks like a cheesy infomercial book on the surface, but easily the best book ive ever read, packed with discussion worthy life defining social situations and problems almost everyone will run into.

•The Last Lecture


•Mastery by Robert Greene

•All of Malcolm Gladwells books

•Ray Kurzweils book bring on interesting discussions of what will be possible in the future.

•Hatching Twitter

•The Snowball ( Warren Buffet biography)

•Other interesting peoples biographies

In my mind what we all crave and the reason we listen to ARon & Jim is because 1. We need solid comforting lean back entertainment while we work throughout the day sprinkled with interesting and thought provoking discussions that also help us to get to know the guys on a deeper level and how they view the my mind books are a gold mine for the sweet spot the guys operate best within.


  • I would like to nominate the 50 Shades of Grey for the first book.

  • I do like many of those books.
    I've enjoyed several Malcolm Gladwell books. Ray Kurzweil and his musings are fascinating.
    As to whether or not this is a good idea for Bald Move...
    I'd say it's likely to be as good an idea as Jim and ARon think it is. What I mean is that I want them cast about what interests them and gets them excited because that's what makes great podcasting.
  • I guess the real answer to this is a question. How interested are they in doing something like that? It would certainly be a change for what they do, and quite an ambitious feature given how busy they are with the things that they already do. A.Ron did mention maybe doing a Master and Commander podcast at one point because those books are dear to him, but I've never heard any inkling that something like this is a project that they would be passionate about. I don't know, but one of the things that draws me to their network is that they just do "them."

    Hypothetically speaking, if they did something like that I would consume it relative to my interest in the material. I would probably follow them down a Gladwell hole. I read about half of Outliers and enjoyed it (just sort of put it down at one point and never really picked it back up again, but I found it interesting though), but all in all this series wouldn't hold a ton of interest for me.  

    I just looked up and realized that I more or less reiterated exactly what @ryanfoster ;said.

  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I've read quite a few of those. I wouldn't mind talking about books on Lunch or what not. I have kicked around a book club podcast but I feel like I could only run it a few months out of the year.

    I think running it through the forum would be for the best. I have no idea if Jim would be on board.
  • Yeah I remember the idea being kicked around last year on the forums for some sort of Bald Move bookclub. I loved that idea, but I always figured it would be a forum thing more than a podcast thing. Though a Winds of Winter cast may be really cool if/when that comes out. Though I'm sure that would be incredibly daunting considering the size of those books. 

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