Secret Chipotle Tip

For those of you who dont mind keeping it plain or are on a diet....if you get just rice+a meat  and then just as for 2 cups of cheese on the side they call it a 3 pointer and only charge you $5 OR  you can do something like  rice + double chicken w. cheese in cups and they will bill it as a chicken 3 pointer double chicken which equates to a few cents less than a regular bowl despite getting alot more food for your money.

The cheese in the cups part is the key, as soon as they physically put the cheese in your bowl your at risk of some manager arguing its not really a 3 pointer....the Chipotle point system is kind of weird and mysterious, employees understanding of how it works varies from location to location.


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    So the secret tip is to eat less!
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    Can you just do meat and cheese? Or meet, veggies and cheese? That seems like it would be a handy paleo/low carb option.
  • @A_Ron_Hubbard ; , Im pretty sure the way you would get away with this trick the way you want to do it is....tell them no rice or beans,  ask for just  meat and veggies and then ask for the cheese in a cup( I know its ridiculous, but literally if you ask for them to actually put the cheese on your bowl for you instead of in the cup its no longer a 3 pointer, but cups of cheese on the side are free)  Be sure when you get to the register to say the super secret password  "Its a 3 pointer"    ( or if you are like me... a 3 pointer w. double chicken)   

    Saying the words "3 pointer" is literally like their secret internal password that lets them know you are 'in the know'. No one, including employees really knows exactly how this point system works, they just know its a thing. Many times they will try to ring it up regular unless you say the word 3 pointer and as long as you follow the cheese in a side cup rule regardless of it being a employee or manager they will be helpless to stop you from using this little loophole. They are trained by corporate to be robots without any logic or decision making skills of their own. This little trick is like a  bug in the Chipotle employee programming that will continue to work until corporate catches on and patches the bug.

  • Also another big tip to get x2 as much food that works well if you happen to like both Chipotles chicken & steak is to ask them for half steak & half chicken. Me & my friends have tested all sorts of stuff and this was one of them . Almost every time you end up getting close to double meat by telling them you want half and half for your type of meat bc again the Chipotle robots only have one size spoon and are used to giving the same size scoop every time, most of them are not calibrated for this trick and will accidently give you x2 as much.
  • This is hilarious. I rarely even go to Chipotle, but now I am intrigued and finding myself wanting to go try some of this.
  • Ask for a side of e-coli, also.  

    They will accidentally give you twice as much of that, too.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    My favorite thing to do is bring an egg in with me and right before they wrap the burrito up I crack it on the partition and then reach over and drop it on. Sometimes the ingredients are hot enough to slow cook the egg by the time I get home, sometimes it's a little runny, and every once in a blue moon the employee will go catatonic.
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    I think we just found patient zero on the salmonella outbreak, lol.
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