We're Getting Curious About Space Again - 18,300 Applicants To NASA's Space Program

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I love to think that movies like Interstellar and The Martian had a hand in capturing the imagination of so many people. My first thought was that we'd see a spike in interest in a few years, but it seems to have come a bit earlier.
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    Movies have helped, but you gotta give some credit also to guys like Phil Plait, Bill Nye, and especially Neil DeGrasse Tyson for working so hard to bring STEM into the mainstream of pop culture. It's heartwarming to hear this.
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    Meh, call me when they decide to send a Barney Gumble into space.

    Just kidding, this is good stuff. NASA is probably my favorite thing our government does. Well, next to our criminal justice system, but that's only because so much of my favorite media content is a bi-product of it.
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