Great concept...but writing and dialogue are cringeworthy - haven't given up...yet


  • Mike SnowMike Snow Portland, ME
    I'm recording all the episodes and will probably binge watch it in a couple sittings. Hope it lives up to the hype.
  • I really want this to be good. When they announced this series, I asked the personal arrogants guys about this. The episode when Aron and Jim covered for them, they discussed generational spaceships, so it should be up their alley too (assuming that it's good...)
  • Well, subtracting the gratuitous sex and subpar acting- it was worth the watch...on second thought leave the sex in. Entertaining
  • goreshdegoreshde Minneapolis
    Anyone else role their eyes at the ending? Three night event my ass.
  • I tried to watch it all but I gave up at the end of the 2nd episode. I didn't really find any character or "story line" that I cared enough about to see through to the end.
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