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  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    Most of the better movies that I loved this past year weren't shown in my theater for maybe more than two weeks. That and the fact that once Star Wars came out that's pretty much all I saw haha. 
  • In general around the critics circles there seems to be a ton of love for 2015 in terms of the sheer amount of quality films that came out. I haven't had a chance to see a lot of them, but I think it's fairly typical for the Oscars to get a lot of their nominations "wrong". What gets me is that they've got room for ten films, but only nominated eight. That's crazy considering the amount of films last year that were being praised to high heaven.

    I, for one, was really impressed with some of the franchise movies that came out last year, the highlights being Creed, Mad Max, and Star Wars. All very old franchises, but still found a way to be relevant all these years later.
  • JamesJames southern California
    The problem isn't that the ceremony doesn't contain any entertainment value, it's just drowned out by all of the bloat. This year's show was scheduled for three hours and still managed to go over by a half-hour.

    My take is that there are too many awards handed out at the ceremony. They already relegate the technical or "nerd" Oscars to an unaired ceremony earlier in the week. All props to sound editors, mixers, production designers and make-up artists, but it's time to make hard choices about who gets to go on national television to thank their lawyer and their high school shop teacher who made it all possible. Here's my suggestion:

    Keep --
    The four best pictures: The Big One, Foreign Film, Animated Film, and Documentary (long form).
    The four acting categories.
    The two music categories: song and score.
    Best Director, Original Screenplay and Adapted Screenplay.
    All of the performances, skits, film parodies, in memoriam, and honorary awards.

    Drop --
    All of the short features (animated, documentary, feature)
    Visual Effects
    Sound Mixing
    Sound Editing
    Makeup and Hairstyling
    Production Design
    Costume Design
    Awkward teleprompter comedy by presenters (seriously, WTF).

    There, I've cut the ceremony in half and doubled the entertainment density.

  • I get the desire to cut a lot of the technical categories as they may not be all that interesting to the average person watching and I do know that they have a whole separate day for the really crazy technical categories, but I absolutely think you need to keep cinematography and editing as I think they go hand-in-hand with the director as far as shaping the film and can be very entertaining to see clips for those categories in terms of showing off beauty or really well-edited scenes. 
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    I actually might be on the complete opposite end of the spectrum haha. I am completely OK with the length. Might have to do with how much I love all things movies. But I can understand others complaint about how long it goes for. I was actually a fan of the new "scroll" they went with. Had a little bit of a Sportscenter vibe to it. 

    Plus, with the more awards given, the bigger the betting pool! 

  • I completely agree with you. I wouldn't care if it were longer if they decided to extend the little clips/vignettes they show while they're announcing nominees; the sound editing/mixing clips were one of my favorite parts of the night. One thing they could do is get rid of the way they do the best picture, with two presenters announcing two movies throughout the night. They should just do a full five minutes when they're announcing the nominees and cut the 20 minutes they spend doing it the way they do. 
  • I like to see who won what awards every year just to get an eye for what's out there that I haven't seen and might give a second look. I'd be completely ok with them adding even more awards, but only because I would never actually watch the awards show in an era when I can simply watch great tv drama on Netflix and Dvr instead and then check the winners online after the fact.
    With the added complexities of the issue of race being addressed the year, I did decide I needed to read the transcript of the opening monologue and I was glad I did.

  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    edited March 2016
    The only awards show I watched this year was the TCA, but I caught highlights of the Oscars, and I was most disappointed by the bit with the Asian kids.  I still do not understand what they were going for.  If the overall theme was racism, then why make jokes at the expense of Asians.  And why on earth use children to do it?  Because you also want to reference child labor and sweatshops.  And was the Muskovitz name a jab at Woody Allen or the stereotype of Jewish men and Asian women?  The entire thing was offensive, but to use children and apparently blindside them with it, is abhorrent. 

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