The Raven - The Sight messages

A few weeks ago HBO set up a website just for those interested in getting sent messages or tweets with teasers of the upcoming season. I think there have been 2 released so far. The first with clips of Arya and quick shots of different images. I got a message recently but quickly disappeared after 3 min. Has anyone seen or heard what the 2nd is?

I'm curious as to how far this will go. It looks like these clips are coming at random times and are quickly removed if you don't access the link in time. It is almost time for the first trailer to be released as the promotion for the show starts in December/January. Anyone else involved in this?


  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Normally people post the clips online so I did not sign up. I saw the 2nd one but both really didn't provide much insight. In fact they use a lot of old footage. I can't wait for the real trailers to be released. I have been kinda following the production spoilers from watchers on the wall website etc, so I am really excited about the new season. They are going to change or divert even more from the books and I suspect spoil some stuff for enraged book readers too. :smile:
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