HBO's best show, Last Week Tonight?

kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
Vinyl is over don't change that channel John Oliver is on soon. Frontline with humor, I love this show but I get pissed with the stories it tells. I can't believe they can get me to laugh when I getting screwed so bad. Anyway I don't think on Sunday morning I can't wait for it to be on like GOT or The Leftovers but this show doesn't disappoint and caps the evening off.


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    It's pretty good. I wonder if conservatives watch it.  I feel like it's pretty even handed, and I have quite a few conservative sympathies so I can usually pick up on tone deaf shit, but I feel it might have this reputation as a giant leftist show when it's usually moderate to center-left in sensibility. 
  • I consider myself conservative and I think he's great. I'm probably more open minded than a lot of my conservative friends though.
  • I love this show and have shown his larger segments to some of my conservative friends.  They'll agree that the topic at hand is messed up.  However, the only one I did not introduce was the abortion one.  My friend (and longtime co-worker) is VERY adamant on that one (he and his wife have like 10 kids).  I knew that would start yet another set of arguments about the topic between us.

    I love how he puts it out there in plain terms.  I admit I was behind the idea of Voter ID laws because who doesn't have SOMETHING, but listening to his viewpoint and that it means for majority of voters out there, I have since changed my stance.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yep, voter ID laws are something I have a weird stance on as well.  I mean, I get that they are a direct attack on minorities and underprivileged voters, and it's to combat a problem that isn't that widespread now, but we're not that far removed from the Daley "bring out your dead" shenanigans in Chicago, and I guess I feel it would be better to attack the problem, in which minority and poorer people don't have proper credentials, than to eliminate a potential safeguard for elections. 

    I might be somewhat of an elitist when it comes to democratic participation, though.  It really bugs me that "my side" can't be bothered to even properly register to vote, or show up on election day, let alone get an ID, so we get waxed in elections and on issues where we are in the clear majority from a public opinion standpoint.  One opinion is "make it easier to vote!"  Another is "fucking care about it enough to put in roughly the effort required to apply for a department store credit card or an apartment application".  

    I also appreciated the nuance Oliver showed in dealing with people's real feelings about abortion.  Like, you can personally be against abortion, and still want it to be an available and safe option for women. If you stop treating it as a pro/anti "side", and look at it as "the people who never, ever want abortions to be allowed, ever, for any reason" vs "everyone else", you see what a fringe position the former is. 
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
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    Last Week Tonight is a show I don't talk with my friends about. I don't wanna argue politics with them because I sit towards the left side of anarchy, and I think I'm alone there. I can talk House of Cards or whatever. Somebody was at a party and talking Trump and I bailed on that one.
    I don't think conservatives watch HBO in general and don't care.
    They had a KKK rally in my town the other day(I can't believe that in OC Ca WTF), it ended with some stabbings. The world is in a real shit hole. We need shows like LWT and Bill Marr and Frontline just to keep our sanity.
  • This is the only "late night" show I watch anymore. It's definitely must-see tv up there with my favorite dramas. It also helps that he only does one a week.
  • John Oliver is brilliant. I wish his viewership was about 100x more than what it is.
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