i'm not going to say you are missing the boat. but damn this show is interesting. i know you guys have a lot on the plate. if you like sons of anarchy check this out. 


  • AGREED Steve! 

    This show is off the chain! I've heard a few things about the show on Tumblr however, last weekend I binged watched episodes 3-6, (On-Demand didn't have episodes 1 and 2 available) by the time I got to 1x04 and saw how and the way the sheriff died I was hooked!

    It's almost as if Hollywood got together last year and decided "o.k. for 2015-2016 tv season everyone needs to focus on severed heads. And the head need to look real. We need severed heads rolling down hills, we need them just randomly sitting in the middle of the road, we need unhinged people punching severed heads in the face...", Lol.

    In short, I hope they try to do a podcast on Outsiders, I swear it's like SOA in the hills of Kentucky drinking obscene amounts of moonshine and smoking weed!
  • Oh i know this show is off the rails. The characters are just so interesting. From the guy who left for 10 years and came back and is essentially the most intelligent of the family now... to the boy who keeps going down by himself because he is interested in a girl. The cop is alllllllll fucked up. Yea all i can say is holy shit
  • They just announced S2 renewal for Outsiders
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