Interesting Thing Gilligan Said About The Finale (kind of a spoiler, but super vague)

I went to PaleyFest's Better Call Saul panel yesterday and it was really cool. They screened Monday's episode and I thought it was really great, personally. I don't want to give anything about it away, but I think fans of the show will definitely be pleased. There are a couple of things that I am tempted to put up a spoiler thread about, but it's only until Monday night so no real need to bother. It should be a really cool one to hear unpacked.

So, during the Q&A portion (I didn't get to ask a question, they only called on 5 people and all but 1 were right up in the front section (way to spread the ball around, moderator) a question was asked about people from Breaking Bad making appearances in BCS. It was funny, the question was framed around what someone wrote in about on last week's cast regarding the cast getting older and older in a prequel show, but Gilligan brought up an instance in shooting the finale where he mentioned a "perfect, organic, opportunity to bring on an appearance from Breaking Bad" but he was talked out of it because it would be too heavy handed. He kind of closed his thought telling the audience "you'll probably get what I'm talking about when you see it." Not much to comment on about it, it totally lacks any context, but it got me really intrigued to see what he is talking about and I thought people around these parts may be intrigued as well and want to keep an eye out for it in the finale.

If anyone wants to see the panel discussion, I'm not sure when they post these things but it will be on Hulu whenever they post it. If anyone is in NY or L.A. and doesn't know about PaleyFest I really recommend it. My wife and I have gone every year for the last 4 years to one or two of the show panels. It's always been a really good time.



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    Nice I was contemplating trying to go to that, but ended up not. Sounds like a blast. I am dying to know what Vince is referring to. It seems like his writers pull him back from the ledge when they need to, which is great that they feel like they can give input like that to the show runner. I will say that they do need to be careful with the winks to BB. I love them, and they are nice surprises when they pop in. But if you make it routine, all of a sudden it becomes too cute and the world they've created seems too small.
  • I totally agree with that (about fear of shrinking the world), and I also am dying to know. Villiagan said that it's really hard for them because they love working with those people and they want to do it all the time, but they are very aware of the line that they walk with it. That part was an interesting discussion. I also agree that it's always nice to hear that people in his position are open to ideas and criticisms. The vibe on the stage really pointed at it being a fantastic operation to work for.

    One thing that I thought was cool about the panel was that there were a couple of writers and directors in the audience and they made a good point to shout them out a couple of times and give them props. They really gave off a very cool "team" vibe and showed a lot of appreciation. Also, Michael Mando seems like the nicest dude in the world. No Jonathon Banks, which was a bummer. Side note: I had no idea that he was one of the bad guys in Beverly Hills Cop. Holy shit! Totally never made the connection.

  • He also played an evil immortal (Mako) in a Highlander episode.
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    "Under Color of Authority" is the title, it's on youtube.  He still looks very Ermentraut in it, haha.
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    He was also in Airplane: 


    "He's flying like an asshole!"
  • Holy shit! That's awesome. I had no idea.
  • I have just seen the finale and I wonder if the cameo Vince was referring to was Marie. I didn't think anything of it when I saw the episode but reading this post made me think that Marie could have been involved in a scene when Chuck was having the tests done while he was in the hospital, I think that would have felt heavy handed. I suppose it could have been an appearance by Gus at the car instead of the note but strangely, I think Marie would have felt more contrived.
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    Yeah, I agree @Shari1234 Marie would have been a bridge too far. Granted I am in the Jim-camp that think the Breaking Bad characters showing up on BCS was too much too quick. But if Marie showed up, that would have really pushed things over the edge for me, I think.
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