Breaking Bad: Lewis

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I'm listening to the podcast on Down and you guys did make a little mistake when you said that the Lewis plot line went nowhere. In Granite State Walt tells Walt Jr. on the phone that he is mailing the money to his friend Lewis' house but Walt Jr shuts him down, tells him to die, etc... So he is at least referenced. I know how people LOVED speculating on how Walt Jr was going to become entangled in the mess Walt created but in retrospect that would have been heavy handed as FUCK. Something a show like Dexter or Sons of Anarchy would do. Anyway, I just wanted to mention the Lewis thing and point out that he didnt get completely dropped from the plot by Villigan


  • Sure, Lewis is mentioned again (several times) but he's completely inconsequential throughout the series. Given how well the series went, I'm glad they did what they did too, instead of trying to tie Jr. into the meth business. Anything to keep it from turning into Dexter.
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    Walter White would have fucked Dexter up in a game of serial murderer on serial murderer chess.
  • @DoctorBell‌ totally agree, i can just imagine a scene where Dexter is planning all this complex shit, making chloroform , anesthetics etc then Walter White and his 2004 Pontiac Aztek just slam into him at like 70mph
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