202 - "Dogs to a Gunfight"


  • I had a range of how good this show could be and how bad. Two episodes in and it is hitting as good as this show could be. 
    Frakkin T
  • Too bad you guys spoiled in the first podcast that it was Punisher. I thought for sure it was Negan ;)
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    So I could have done without whole conversation between Foggy's cop friend, Foggy, and Karen. I get that they wanted to cover ground quickly and explain Daredevil's effect on the city along with all the details of Punisher and then make sure the audience gets the dichotomy between the two vigilantes. But that was a really clunky way of accomplishing that. It goes back to the whole "show don't tell" mantra for movies/tv. There had to be a better way of getting that stuff across.

     I will be extra frustrated if this show runs out of gas half-way through the season because some of the stuff that is mentioned in this conversation could easily have been pieces of other episodes (i.e. the vigilantes who idolize Daredevil). Perhaps if the conversation wasn't written so heavy-handed, it would be different.

    Also that DA was laying it on pretty fucking thick. I really liked Foggy standing up to her. It would have seemed odd for him to speak up to the bikers last episode and almost get killed as a result but then shrink in front of the DA and not push back on things with her.

    Overall still loving it!
  • Man, we are 2 for 2 with direct Punisher vs Daredevil confrontations. Hope they don't do too much now and run out of "epic confrontations" in the later part. I'm impressed with every single appearance of the Punisher, Bernthal is indeed electrifying.

    You called for it on the first ep podcast, well there you go! Daredevil's senses being completely messed up after the gun shot. I really liked that.

    Other than that, you guys didn't mention it in the first episode podcast with the pool scene, but what do you think about Karen seemingly falling in love with Matt?
  • Did anyone else not find it unbelievable that Frank didn't mention anything about the fact Daredevil was blind. A guy with his, erm,.. attention to detail? would notice all day long. Only just finished episode two so whether this gets addressed I don't know.

    Who's side did you favour with on the roof. Punisher or Daredevil? For me it was Punisher. I always find it interesting when shows tempt you to cheat on the protagonist. I definitely wouldn't make a good Batman.
  • sorry I mean episode 3
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    Glad to hear you guys mention Karen in the background in the DA confrontation. I thought she was going to jump Foggy's bones for a minute.

    I wonder if that was a forced editing choice. Like they needed Karen to look impressed and shot the whole speech expecting to cut in and out with more reaction from the DA. Then found in the editing room it worked better just to focus on Foggy for most of the scene. Or they may have tried it with Karen having different reactions, but the one we saw was the best cut for Foggy.

    It's amazing Deborah Ann Woll sells it as well as she does.
  • Damn I hope the Saint Matt Murdock thing is going to drop soon.
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