206 - "Regrets Only"


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    This is definitely the "get your pieces in position" episode. A low point for sure but excellent stealth action and good Karen-Frank stuff.
  • Frakkin T said:

    This is definitely the "get your pieces in position" episode. A low point for sure but excellent stealth action and good Karen-Frank stuff.

    Agreed, good stuff with the Frank-Karen scenes. Although I'm getting tired of Deborah Ann Woll's acting, I don't know for me she's overdoing it with her facial expressions and reactions. Also she has such a fragile voice it sounds like she's about to cry every time she speaks!

    I liked the infiltration part as well, although it made the not-Yakusa look really incompetent.
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    Curious, how do the fauxkuza look incompetent.  I think Matt's powers and cover of being blind are just that good.  IMO, they only look incompetent if you think they should be looking for a man with powers and abilities exactly like Daredevil.
  • I feel like I'm expecting the show to be too realistic sometimes, which is not what it's supposed to be - it is a superhero series after all. I buy the wine incident, and Matt kicking their ass in the bathroom, but once he was found out (in the bathroom) I was expecting them to not allow anyone to leave the place, or at least search more a suspicious couple from the 11th floor, due to the gravity of the situation.

    Maybe I'm just nitpicking here though, overall there were some cool stealth and action scenes :)
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    I really enjoyed this episode. Elektra brings a playfulness and a lighter tone that is a welcome reprieve, even if the tonality shift was jarring during the intercut hospital and caper scenes. The music editor needs to do a better job. I appreciate The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs (if a bit dated), but in no world was that jazz at the gala (Elektra: "Don't you like jazz?"), more like a Tarantinoesque funk disco. Whereas in the previous episode, the older guests at the faculty party were boogeying down to quiet jazz. I did giggle at the not-Yakuzas riding Ducatis. I was a bit disappointed by the fight sequence. I expected more from the first Daredevil / Elektra teamup, but it just seemed... perfunctory. Btw, what happened to the attackers? Is Elektra now in hiding?

    "Can't mask that ass." "Yes, ma'am." I like the contrast between Elektra's female gaze and Frank's embarrassed politeness.

    So now we're going to get into the courtroom, the not-Yakuza is probably The Hand, and we still have Frank in play with a DA conspiracy subplot, and the blossoming connection between him and Karen. It seems that they took the S1 criticism to heart by increasing the storylines and antagonists, but it already feels unfocused, and Matt in particular seems like he's just pinging back and forth between his two lives with no focus on what he is experiencing internally.
  • Here are some of my notes whilst watching the episode:

    - all actors and stunt performers were incredible in the opening scene
    - okay I'm on board with their love-hate relationship
    - urgh, pains me to see all those longing eyes and kisses between Karen and Matt
    - fine, that scene between Deborah Ann Woll and Jon Berenthal, yeah got to me a bit
    - first showing her leg and then the Kill Bill Vol. 1 style stunt choreography
    - yeah right, as if Matt would clear his schedule to prepare for the trial
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    I also enjoyed the various Kill Bill references, which are references themselves, so... as well as the James Bond / Alias vibe (Sydney tearing her gown to fight Gina Torres. Buffy also did that, hell probably every female fighter has had to do that).

    Matt's having fun, this is basically his flashback but with stakes he can justify. Then again, who wouldn't have fun with Elektra? She's practically his id personified. And I love the way she pronounces his name: Math-yew.

    I can headcanon Karen not buying that Matt has a drinking problem, maybe (because otherwise, it makes her look insensitive and foolish), but why is Foggy not more curious about this mysterious wealthy client? That makes zero sense to me.
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    I think this is the next cast, so I just wanted to say that Elektra was mentioned in Season 1. I believe it's one of the flashbacks, but Foggy definitely asks Matt what happened to the smokin' hot Greek girl. I specifically remember it because I knew that had to be an Elektra reference.
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    Yeah, my comic geek-self squealed during that comment. I think its in the 10th episode, Nelson v. Murdock, since thats the one with them arguing all episode and the series keeps flashing back to their time in college.
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