209 - "Seven Minutes in Heaven"

Open thread about smooching with Deborah Ann Woll.  Probably.  


  • Oh fuck that prison block scene was goddamn glorious.
  • NathanNathan Winterfell, The North, Westeros
    Someone pointed out on reddit that the bloodstain on Frank's shirt after the prison block scene looks like a skull. 

    March is a good month for Franks. Netflix Franks.
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    @Nathan Yeah there's Punisher skull themes repeated throughout the season, look for it again in the body armor in the tool shed in E12 I think. A tad subtle but looks badass.
  • Reminds me of Rorschach. He wasn't stuck in there with you. You are stuck in there with him. 

    I'm glad it this episode picked up the pace after a couple kind of clunkers, imo. They did trot out one of my least favorite storylines, people who die but don't. Even on shows where people being brought back to life is a thing, I hate it. It's cheap. I'm really liking this show so I hope it doesn't become too prominent. I prefer death to be a consequence and not just a hurdle. 
  • It's pretty hard to believe that Fisk would have that level of influence with the guards so quickly, but everything else completely made up for it. The cell block scene was incredible; I can't believe how far they are going with the violence this season.

    Fisk taking over the prison solves his money issues as he will now have cash flow from the prison contraband business, so it will be interesting to see how much he can effect what is going on outside.
  • I think I need to see a therapist.  I can't stop laughing in amazement whenever the Punisher goes on one of his killing sprees.  I can't imagine being able to watch this character in any other style after seeing him in this
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    I don't suppose we'll get any explanation of how that hole was dug out. And it looks like we're moving more firmly into mystical territory very soon.

    Also want to know what's up with that article in Ben's office. Someone on reddit screen capped the article and there's a mention of a Kevin Page being killed in a car accident. 

    Here's the link to the reddit post:

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    What a step up in so many ways from the last 3 episodes. Finally some payoff from all the Yakuza stuff. That storyline was such a slog. Partly because they just kept repeating the same story beats of Matt doing Daredeviling, Karen/Foggy doing lawyering, Matt doing apologizing, then immediately doing Daredeviling. It wasn't even particularly good Daredeviling either. Half of the time I couldn't figure out what the goal even was except to go and find ninjas to fight for...reasons.

    So awesome to see D'Onofrio back. He just kills it in that role. I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but that final shot of him in the prison-hospital room was chilling. Is it ever mentioned how long a time span between the S1 finale and S2 premiere? I only ask because Fisk  walked into jail with like 2 very minor cuts on his face at the beginning of the episode. He had to have spent time in the hospital after the fight between Daredevil and him at the end of S1.

    This show continues to just buck any sort of realistic consequences of violence.  Fisk had a bloodied nose after getting head-butted and punched like 5 times by the Punisher. So that is kind of throwing me for a loop, because S1 seemed to have more stakes as far as that goes. Like another poster mentioned earlier in the season, this is just getting to be video game territory.

    Oh, and Matt is a really selfish son of a bitch. That Foggy/Matt scene perfectly exemplified that. The man is putting Foggy/Karen out of work with like a day's notice because he is sick of apologizing for being who he is? Even though he just apologized profusely and promised to do better the day before?

    On a better note, Karen would be a much better reporter (with some training) and the newspaper editor seems to really value her. Unlike Nelson & Murdock: the law office where half of the owners does absolutely nothing, but expects the secretary to do all the investigating. Maybe a topic for a Law Talk segment?
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    What was the point of Karen and Matt's relationship? He barely even spent any time with her. The Elektra stuff would have been so much more interesting without the built in excuse of him already seeing someone.
  • What was the point of Karen and Matt's relationship? He barely even spent any time with her. The Elektra stuff would have been so much more interesting without the built in excuse of him already seeing someone.

    I would have liked for Foggy to finally spill the beans to her about Matt... But no. So the relationship didn't really lead anywhere - for now. I like where her arc is going actually, it seems to make sense for her to follow the footsteps of the reporter from the first season given her development. However there hasn't been any follow up as to her killing the Kingpin's advisor...

    @Garthgou81 I completely agree on D'Onofrio, I'm a big fan of Fisk's speaking mannerisms and fighting style. He looks like a bear when he fights, it's terrifying. Punisher is more like a mix of brutality, agility and tactical skills I guess.
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    @Melonusk Oh good call on the bear! It reminds me of the fierceness of a Tony Soprano outburst! Also its a great dichotomy to Matt's nimble, agile style of fighting.

    Edit: Also A.Ron's description in the very first post never stops being funny to me.
  • I want a 13 episode season of punisher killing groups of criminals. They can be 10 minute episodes, it's just so damn cool!
  • AnominalAnominal San Francisco Bay Area
    I just want to say I think doing three episode chunks is the way to go with Netflix shows. With House of Cards, it allowed me to binge three episodes at a time and stay in pace with the podcast. Netflix is made for binging and one episode at a time doesn't fit. It's too slow. So for Daredevil I just went full speed ahead.
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