210 - "The Man in The Box"


  • Loved the scene between Murdock and Fisk in the prison.  Loved how Matt played the "i'll make sure Vanessa never sets foot in the US again" card and how we all knew Fisk was going to respond to that.  Although, I still haven't finished the season yet, I wonder if Fisk is starting to suspect a connection between Murdock and Daredevil....
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    This was mostly a great episode, probably the best of the last half of the season up to this point. The Fisk/Murdock confrontation was terrific. I was a little on the fence about Fisk at the end of last season, but this reset their dynamic in an interesting way. I'm still not sure if Matt was playing weak by the end, or if Fisk really had a solid hold on him. Doesn't make much sense for him to break out his fighting skills there, but I was surprised he fought back at all. I was totally on board with Matt using Vanessa in the moment as a threat, and then that quickly proved foolish when Fisk reciprocated. Looking forward to how that plays out next season. 

    A couple problems - that rooftop scene with Claire carried on a little too long, going over ground that's been covered before. Also a little strange how they suddenly  remembered there were important plot developments halfway through. On the other hand, Rosario Dawson seems to have been given the job of bringing these shows down to earth a bit, and I'm always glad when she does.

    That Elektra scene in the hangar is just a hot mess. I feel like they cut something in between her meeting the guy at the bar, where people were around, and then what feels like hours later when we get back to them and the hangar has apparently cleared out and they're trying to kill each other. All of it seems meant to put her together with her trademark corn cob holders, though I suppose we also learn that Stick is trying to kill her. But very Walking Dead in terms of time management.
  • I agree, I think this is the best episode yet of season 2. So much stuff happened here.

    Loved the tension before Matt meets Fisk, and during the confrontation how Matt restrains from defending himself to not raise any suspicion. Although, the one punch he throws might come back to bite him in the ass as that last scene with Kingpin looks to me as if he will finally connect the dots between MM and Daredevil.

    Rosario Dawson continues to be awesome with some some good lines, and a great exchange with Matt trying to reason him.
    I think I mostly didn't care much for the Elektra scenes, although her kicks were pretty badass. I also didn't know she was actually French up until her dialog despite being French myself.
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