How does everyone feel about her? I was getting really tired of her up until episode 7, when she started to let the bad-girl act drop. I'd been getting flashbacks to Lila from Season 2 of Dexter, who I absolutely hated. Both have a weird pleading, little-girl way of speaking to the main character. I'm not sure if it's meant to be sexy, but mostly it's just off-putting. Both are kind of humorless.

Also a case where I'm not sure if it's the actress, or what she's being asked to do. I will say by episode 9 she starts to seem like a real human being, so hopefully that continues. 



  • Main reason it felt like Lila from season 2 of Dexter to me was the love triangle. It made no sense how fast Matt went from Karen to Elektra.
  • Personally, I wasn't a fan of how quickly a Karen/Foggy potential relationship went to an actual Karen/Matt relationship.  I would have rather not seen Karen and Matt start to date.
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    Initially, I didn't like her singsongy way of speaking, and I found her endless pushing/forcing Matt to go on a mission with her tiresome. But I kind of warmed up to her after realizing that she's a brat. Of course in her mind she should get everything she wants. Her backstory with Stick definitely helped a lot, too. And the fact that her whole storyline (the investigation, the findings, the final reveal, and the resolution) was a muddling mess was neither the character's or the actor's fault. Her fight scenes, except for the last one when she chose to fight with her hair untied (why???), were all pretty awesome.
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