The Man From Earth

First of all, thanks to @DancesWithWookies for commissioning this. I'm glad I watched the movie and the podcast provided some great listening.

While watching the movie, it struck me as having a very similar concept to the 1960 Twilight Zone episode, "Long Live Walter Jameson", written by fellow scf-fi writer Charlie Beaumont. I then started reading about Jerome Bixby and found out he actually wrote one of the most famous TZ episodes, "It's a Good Life". I also read that he started the script for The Man From Earth in the early 60s, so it's easy to associate this movie with the TZ episode and even speculate on the possibility that the film was inspired by the 1960 show.

'Jameson' explores some similar themes in its 25 minutes like the emotional weight of living as an immortal, outliving your loved ones and the effect it can have on those abandoned loved ones. It's a great episode and works as an interesting companion piece to the film. I'm curious if anyone else has seen both of these.

Also, J&A discussed the budget for this film on the cast and guessed that it cost about a million to make. According to this article, it only cost $200,000.


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    Thanks for the Info. Will Def use this when i watch this weekend!
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    Yeah, I saw that budget and was actually impressed. That seemed low for the talent alone.
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    I've only been listening to podcasts since about 2012. I listened to a lot of different television podcasts at the beginning but it quickly became apparent that one podcast group was far and away much better than all the others.I'm talking about Bald Move. I was and still am extremely impressed with your breakdown of shows, strong criticisms based on solid evidence or rationality, and the time you put in to engage your audience and do the research on the shows and episodes you do. 

    So I figured hey, I could commission a mainstream movie which everybody likes but I felt like that wouldn't be that interesting overall. So I decided to go with The Man From Earth because it is extremely different than most movies. It really is just a conversation that throws out a lot of interesting and thought provoking ideas,and that is something I feel not a lot of movies do these days. Even more so, you could tell this was a passion project that everyone involved in the production was in on. Yes the budget is very small. Yes the acting is not top notch. Yes there is a pervy professor for some reason. But all that aside, I feel this movie is very successful at forming a full and engaging story on conversation alone. An impressive feat I feel. 

    I think most of your criticisms you made about the movie are valid, However,  I didn't think the production values would be such a big hang up though. Also, and I do realize that you only saw the movie once, but there were also a few factual errors that you based some criticisms on. As a movie carried solely on conversation, the details of the story matter. 

    That said, I think you did a good job and I am satisfied with your podcast. This is definitely a movie worth checking out and for such a small independent film it really has become a cult classic these days. 

    To be honest you guys perhaps got luckily because my other choice for a commission podcast was the 2012 French film Holy Motors. Now that is a movie in the complete opposite direction of The Man From Earth and I can only imagine how the hell you would podcast something like that. It truly would have been interesting and I'm sure hilarious. And you should watch that movie too and strap in for one of the most bizarre movie experiences of your life. 

  • CobeyCobey Los Angeles
    Great movie and great podcasts. I love the idea that Jesus walked the Earth like Jules from Pulp Fiction (Better Call Saul callback!) and learned from all the major spritual teachers.

    Also, if you guys want to learn the real deal about cryonics (freezing yourself after death), check out this article. It's fantastic. Anyone can afford it!

  • The geeks in my family thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  It kept you thinking the whole way through and afterwards you just sit there thinking "well shit maybe that is all possible".  It was simple and a very smart movie. I loved the idea of him being Jesus that was a mini mind explosion for me :) 
  • mike_kmike_k Sunnyvale CA
    Wait- this was commissioned??? YESSSSSS
  • Glad you liked the movie. 

    Its also going to be a Television show, They just started production this week! Can't wait.

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