Midnight Special (No Spoilers)

I finally saw Midnight Special yesterday and it did live up to the hype.  The movie reminds me of Stephen Spielberg movies in the 70s & 80s (Close Encounters & ET).    What makes the movie special (pun intended) is the relationship between the characters and it does not just rely on CGI and special effects. Don't get me wrong I love special effects but the trend in some movies is that they rely too much on that to carry the story and not character building.  The acting was top-notch especially Michael Shannon and Jason Leiberher... their father and son relationship will tug at your heart strings.

Also, the pacing of the movie was on point sometimes sci-fi movies drag a bit in the middle i.e Super 8 or they try to jam too much story into the movie and it becomes too long and laborious.  I live in DC this was the 1st weekend it played in my area. I saw it at a small movie house so I am not sure when it will have a wide release (I hope it is soon).  I know Jim and A-Ron said they will be doing a podcast when they see it so I am looking forward to their thoughts.  When it comes to your city, it should be a must-see.  If you have seen it, share your thoughts (no spoilers).  Thanks!
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