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When do you do lunch? How do I watch/ listen


  • @Chandel37 ; all the previous are there, they're every Friday at 1:00pm est, on the rocks in Tuesday evenings  alternating weeks, if you go to the homepage around the time of the posting you'll see the post just jump on there, if you want to ask questions be signed into a gmail account and click the bar on the video. Hope that helps
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    Helps me, thank you good sir.
  • I wanted to send in this article about Absinthe in light of the new "Absinthe" Project.     I was really fascinated with Abstinthe, as it was mentioned in several fiction books I had read, and it was kind of tagged as the 'crack' or 'bath salts' of its day.    A person would drink Absinthe and then go on some kind of bender and end up killing their family and then Absinthe would be blamed to the point that Absinthe was banned in much of the world.      There was the talk of the 'Green Fairy' and attaining a state of lucid drunkeness, where the stimulant properties and depressesant properties of the drink would get you to this unique state when imbibing it.      I was first able to try Absinthe around 2009 or 2010 at a bar in San Antonio, and noticed that initially it has a strong licorice flavor that is lost after the first drink.   I didn't see the Green Fairy or feel that it was a singular state of drunkeness, but had Absinthe again a few time, one time at a special bar in New Orleans dedicated to Absinthe, where they did the sugar cube with the flame over the drink, special spoon or implements to mix it etc.    The cachet of the drink is still interesting to me, but I haven't ever bought a bottle or sought it out.    Apparently, my interest is indicative of many at Absinthe has struggled in the US (see WSJ story), after initial interest it has struggled with sales decling year over year.  See article below: 

    The posting length would allow me to send the whole article, which has great illustrations.   I posted it on facebook as well.    I will try to email as I am not sure if the paywall will let you read the whole article.

    Nathan M,  Warrenton, VA

    Absinthe Was Once Banned for Being Evil—Now It’s Just Meh

    A decade after it was reintroduced in the U.S., drinkers don’t find a green fairy, just a licorice-tasting liquor that most leave in the glass; ‘my mom might like it’

    Ice water is dripped over a sugar cube to dilute absinthe in the traditional way of serving the herbal liquor in a Berlin bar
    Ice water is dripped over a sugar cube to dilute absinthe, in the traditional way of serving the herbal liquor, in a Berlin bar. PHOTO: MARTIAL PHILIPPI/GETTY IMAGES
    David Marcelis
    Nov. 23, 2017 1:09 p.m. ET

    During its heyday in the 19th century, absinthe was one of the world’s most popular liquors—a fixture on bar menus from Paris to New Orleans and a particular favorite among artists.


  • Gonna share my moonshine story... I was a salesman traveling through rural Tennessee (mid 90s) and had a particularly hard day; got lost, late for an appointment, didn’t close the sales, etc. When I finally pulled into my hotel, I checked in and went straight to the restaurant for a burger and (well deserved) beer. But when I ordered, the waitress said she couldn’t bring the beer because it was a dry county. WTF? I was less than 25mi from the Jack Daniels distillery! When the waitress came back with the burger, she leaned in and whispered, “I can get you some ‘shine if you want.” Shoulda taken her up on it. 
  • Gonna share my dad’s moonshine story... Dad went to Vanderbilt Medical School in ‘30s. As he told it, when the frat brothers wanted to throw a party, a couple of them would hop into a brother’s Model T and head out to the country, to a particular spot. When they stopped, the headlights shown onto a tree stump. My dad got out, put $2 on the stump and they turned off the headlights. 10min later, they’d turn on the headlights and there’d be a gallon of moonshine on the stump. 

    The quality was was so iffy, he said, that they would lower a sock filled with charcoal into the jug and put the jug on the back of a rocking chair. The brothers took turns rocking and swishing the charcoal through the liquor to purify it. Hey, they were all med students. 
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    First off, that's the coolest way to buy something that I've ever heard!

    I don't really have any good moonshine stories but being a Kentucky boy, I've definitely had my fair share. There is nothing worse than taking a swig of someone's shine, that they are especially proud of, and it just tastes like burning hot swill. I used to work with a guy that lived way out in the country and every once in a while I'd have him bring me in jar of the food stuff. It was always deceptively smooth.

    I'm very glad A.Ron liked the "Moonshine" distilleries they visited but I just can't get behind them. Moonshine is supposed to be made by hillbillies in the woods and sold in secret. Not mass produced and regulated and taxed! Ha
  • MichelleMichelle California
    Moonshine is supposed to be made by hillbillies in the woods and sold in secret.
    Spoken like a true Kentuckian.  :wink: :grin:
  • Michelle said:
    Moonshine is supposed to be made by hillbillies in the woods and sold in secret.
    Spoken like a true Kentuckian.  :wink: :grin:
    It IS all about the tax. That’s why they feared “revenuers”. Those were the tax men. 
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