Jonathan Pryce Polish Interview Huge Potential Spoiler

This is speculation but I heard someone on the Storm of Spoilers cast throw it out there as a fact. This could spoil Cersei's trial and I really wish I hadn't read it but now I have this burning impulse to spread it as much as possible.

So Pryce gave an interview where he talks about reading ahead in the scripts to see what happens to his character. D&D have been known to put false alternate pieces in scripts before, but this seems to line up:

"Pryce says he looked through the season six scripts when he got them to
see what happens to his character and found a scene that was just
unbelievable. Later he quite openly describes the (setup of a) scene
from a future episode concerning Cersei’s trial. It is going to take
place at the Great Sept and practically everyone is said to be present
there. The High Sparrow has grown over-confident and believes that
Cersei simply has to show up, even though he gets informed she has not
left her chambers. At the same time, there is a great deal of scheming
taking place behind his back, in the immediate vicinity. The Sept slowly
fills with people and the High Sparrow is still pleased with the
situation, with everything apparently going according to the plans –
little does he know that fate has an unpleasant surprise in store for

That combined with the flashes from Bran's vision about the huge wildfire explosion sure sounds like Cersei (or someone, a Tyrell?) is going to blow up the Great Sept instead of standing trial.

So is this bullshit? Is Cleganebowl really dead? For whatever reason it clicked with me right away as sounding legit but I could see it being one of the alternate scripts like how the D&D's had Bran stab Theon in the back as he was taking over Winterfell to fuck with Alfie Allen.


  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    If we do in fact get Sandor "The Broken Gravedigging Hound" Clegane this week and he DOESN'T end up fighting his brother, I'm going to be pretty disappointed. I've been waiting for Cleganebowl for a loooong time! But this mild mannered Cersei act this season has been making me think that something super crazy is coming so I kinda want it to be true!
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