Broadchurch: Season 2 Discussion [Spoilers]

Well, surprise MFs, it is back :D

Was under my radar although I knew it was coming back sometime this year, got my pop up notification on my iPhone that it was airing this morning, and I just watched [as per torrent naming system ;) ] S02E01.720p.

A good reminder of what I've missed- The show is excellent, realistic characters and a genuine intrigue and mysteriousness throughout every scene. Needless to say that two leads blow the acting out of the park.

Every single character once again seems shady as hell. The foreshadowing of Alec's previous case last year and how it has haunted him looks to be a central driving point for this season!

Thoughts on Beth's continued hostility toward Ellie? Is it justified? "He was right under your nose!". I think it is unfair to lay that kind of blame on her personally.

Uh...what was up with Mark playing video games with that random kid. Who is that kid? We are meant to think Mark is involved somehow right?

Game on, Ds!


  • It's been a while since I watched Broadchurch, but I totally loved it. My wife and I watched the whole thing in one day (it was a sort of "therapy" lie around day right after a particularly stressful few weeks at work). I agree about the performances. Fantastic work.

    The one detail that I would chime in on is regarding Beth's hostility towards Ellie. Justified or not, it's human nature. Imagine being in her situation. The detective who has been guiding you through the situation, your neighbor and trusted friend, all of that trust and it ends up being the person who they live with and should know better than anyone else. As an impartial third party I feel awful for her character. You can't blame her for being blindsided like that and I can't imagine how SHE must feel too, but as the parent (I imagine, of course I've never been in any kind of remotely comparable situation) you are grasping at explanations. Wracking your mind for things that could have happened differently. It would be hard not to be perplexed about that in the fog of that much grief. That said, (and it has been about 8 months since I saw it) I don't remember that scene being so filled with anger. I remember feeling like she had to ask that question, but I seem to remember feeling like there was some level of an understanding. It's been a long time though and I could be way off base with my memory though.

    Great show. I'm really excited for season 2.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I was confused at first, thinking I had forgotten a lot, but then I realised they were deliberately setting up so-far-unanswered questions. It was great, and Olivia Colman was amazing yet again.

    I'm not surprised by Jodi Whittaker's outburst - I'm sure any parent who has lost a child, especially to murder - would be looking for someone to blame. I think Ellie gets that too. I feel bad for both of them.
  • heatherbubbaheatherbubba Brooklyn, NY
    I was surprised to see that Broadchurch would do a second season. It seems like anything they do now will pale in comparison to the first season. What thoughts do people have on compelling storylines for S2?

    Another note: the Americanized version of the show, Gracepoint, sets up a premise for a second season, but it really felt tacked on and not in keeping with what certain characters would actually do. In any case Broadchurch was better than Gracepoint by a mile. The only reason to watch Gracepoint is to hear David Tennant doing an American accent.
  • fyi. there will be no second season of Gracepoint. (thankfully)
  • The kid who was playing video games with Mark is Ellie's son, Tom. He's taller and looks older than he did in the first season.

    The second season premiere was very promising. I like the two actresses they hired to play the defense attorney and the prosecutor - they are both excellent.
  • Just hearing Gracepoint was a remake (even if it was with Anna Gunn) put me off watching it totally. In general, I dislike reboots. How could they have made it better than the BBC version? Unlikely IMHO.

    I guess the reaction is to be expected and I understand the wanting to blame on someone. I still think it is unlikely that Ellie would have picked up on this if her husband was covering this up so well. But yes, if it were any avenue of someone being murdered potentially being able to NOT be murdered, that will be explored by whoever and blame would be cast.

    Thanks for the info Amelia- I really thought he was a random kid thrown in there to make us think that Mark is friendly with kids in general.

    The way the story is going seems to suggest that there is a bigger conspiracy here and that someone else is behind Danny's murder.
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