Movie News - Channing Tatum cast in x-men, Gambit movie!

I generally roll my eyes when superhero movies announcements are being made, i'm pretty disengaged from the genre apart from the really stand out few, like Guardians of the Galaxy, X-men days of future past etc..

I do however love the x-men cartoon & comics and Gambit was one of the best characters, so I was pretty interested when i saw this, could be garbage but potentially could be awesome too.

In the same article I saw that Michael Fassbender is attached to the assassins creed move, which piqued my interest, as I have low expectations , on what could be great concept and with him on board it's significantly less likely to be awful.

Interested to hear your thoughts on Tatum as Gambit , or on the Super Hero genre and how much it dominates the box office now in general.


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    I'm cool with Tatum as Gambit. I think he's fine. In my mind Remy is more of a lithe, slight character that gets by on his wits, guile, and mutant luck, but if you had told me that six foot tall, lanky ass Hugh Jackman would be the perfect Wolverine I'd never had believed you. Tatum does good work, and he seems like he's game and has a good sense of humor. I'm curious to see how he does in what will most assuredly be the disaster that is Jupiter Ascending.
  • Yeh i actually think Tatum will be quite good, he's not as suave as Remy, but he's got some cool and can be funny, I just hope it gets a good writing staff & director for such a great charachter.

    In a convoluted way I guess i was trying to say that it's an interesting enough of a choice for me to take note, when i zone out of a lot announcements on this stuff,

    I hadn't even seen anything about Jupiter Ascending, I had to google it but it looks diabolical.
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    I didn't even know there was another X-men movie coming out. I really liked the last one but I don't recall caring much for the last few before it, though it's been a while.

    That reminded me of this video though, haven't seen it in a while, pretty amusing:

    Apparently iframes are not 'simple' HTML so no embedding allowed, a link will have to do:

    Edit: oh weird just the link automatically embedded w/o any HTML, good to know.

    This plus his cameo in This Is The End made me like the guy though, I don't think he would've done either if he were a dick/took himself too seriously/etc. it leaves a good impression to me.
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    I don't feel too strongly one way or the other about either the character or Tatum, but I'm excited that Fox is doing good things with the X-Men. They totally ret-conned the universe in the last film, which gave them a lot of freedom. If they can keep McAvoy and Fassbender onboard they'll have a great run.
  • The X-Men movies are one of the few superhero series that I am up to date on (minus the side stories of the Wolverine movies). Gambit was always one of my favorite X-Men characters and I don't think they quite nailed him with Taylor Kitsch. Unfortunately, I'm not a Tatum fan at all so I'm pretty sure I'll be disappointed with the next version of Gambit if they cast him.
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