The North Needs a Reminder (Spoilers)

Did the show kill the Grand Northern Conspiracy? I was a little bummed that the Umbers genuinely betrayed Rickon. Add to that the fact that Jon and Sansa had to beg for troops. There was no plot to revolt against house Bolton. The Brotherhood Without Banners is more concerned about WWs than Freys. What was the point of having old lady at Winterfell who got flayed by Ramsey? I hope things go differently in the books. I love a good Frey pie as much as the next guy, but if the Northern Lords don't show up to help the Starks what's the point?


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I'm fairly certain that in the books this will be a bigger angel, which might be obvious since it's already a bigger angle in the books we have.  As far as the show, I think some shit is going to go down at Riverrun this upcoming episode that might give us a small piece of Northern Conspiracy satisfaction.
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    I'm not asking DD to use the text of the books as a screenplay. Obviously they're adapting the work for TV, but I do wish that there was more mystery and intrigue in the show. I'm a show watcher first. So I don't really care about them being faithful to the books. I jut wish there was more to wonder about from the show. GRRM is constantly giving you things to ponder. Who's Jon's mother? Was the house with the red door really in Bravos? Who is Azor Ahai? etc... 

    That said the show is really fun and I like it a lot, but reading the books has made it seem less interesting by comparison.
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    Yeah the show just can't go there like the books. For a show watcher only they have such a hard time keeping up and track of everything with the limited number of characters on screen. I mean the books are so dense and complex they have to have appendices to explain who is who so you can keep it straight while reading. You'll lose some of the nuance and intrigue. But one can argue it's precisely that stuff that ground down the last two books and is making it a bear to finish the sixth.
  • @tpelzy I agree, I'm staring to get disappointed that everything and everyone is exactly what they seem. Characters who seem bad, are bad and characters that seem good, are good. I was hoping that moving pass the books would bring more surprises, not less.

    Which is why I'm really worried that Varys is just going to be 100% Team Dany with no hidden agenda or anything.

    And I have been enjoying this season a lot but, yeah, a little bit more intrigue would be nice.
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