[OFFICIAL] Episode 411 - "Magical Thinking"

Directed by: Michael Goi
Written by: Jennifer Salt


  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    Surprise surprise! In all the excitement about Agent Carter I forgot about AHS this week!
  • So all the really f++ked up people are physically normal? They seem to really be pushing that message.
  • AndrewAndrew New York
    Why does this show hate fathers? I've only watched season 1 and this season, but every goddamn father is Charles Barkley turrrible. They make Arlo Givens look like father of the year. Just this season alone, Dell is a homosexual, murdering, deadbeat dad, the Dandy's dad was a Adnan Syed, Lizard Girl's dad was a creep, and the Pinhead's brother in law committed infanticide.

    Does RM have Spielbergian daddy issues?
  • If anyone feels like learning of a little back story behind the real life lobster boy, I suggest checking out "The Dollop" it's a historical podcast and they do one on Lobster Boy!
  • God, I am so tired of this show. I was surprised when A. Ron said he thought it had got its mojo back. (If it ever had any to begin with.)

    Maybe it was the long holiday break. I don't know. I hate-watch this show and sometimes it's a real chore. Neil Patrick Harris was good, though.

    And whatever happened to the singing in each episode? Did they just forget about that?
  • nealneal US
    edited January 2015
    This is the only season of AHS I've watched and there were many times where I was ready to jump ship. I really only enjoy when NPH and the Dandy are on screen (and Twisty when he was around) every thing else just feels like some weird boring drama that happens to take place in a freak show...really drags a lot for me. Just feels like I got a different show than what I was expecting going in and I still can't accept it.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yeah, I thought NPH was a the shot in the arm the show needed to hold my attention to the finale. I'd never give up on a show mid-season, but if I were that type of person, I would have bailed at the break.
  • The only reason I watch the show at this point is to listen to A. Ron and Cecily's podcast. Which I enjoy much more than Ryan Murphy and his effed-up storylines.
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