Who is The Queen of Thorns writing to?

tpelzytpelzy Dallas
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This could be nothing, but the has a thing for people conspicuously writing letters. Remember this verbal take down from Lady Olenna?

Who is she writing to? Assuming that this is a letter of consequence my first guess would be Dorne. They hate the Lannisters, and they just got new management. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a scene with Danny landing in Dorne and Lady Olenna shows up complaining about the heat? On the other hand, the Reach and Dorne don't get along at all. Also House Tyrell has bet all their chips on Tommy B so I'd imagine they'll be against Daenerys when she shows up. 


  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    I think it's Dorne. Lady Olenna regrets getting into bed with the Lannisters, and Tommen is useless now with the merging of the crown and the Faith Militant. I don't know if Olenna knows about Dany, but the Tyrells are Targaryen supporters. It does leave Margaery out in the cold if she has no king, but at this point, Olenna is mostly concerned with getting Loras and Margaery out of Kings Landing. Too bad she poked at the hornets nest that is Cersei by taunting Cersei about killing all her enemies.
  • tpelzytpelzy Dallas
    I think she's afraid for Margaery and Loras, but she also wants to win the game. Maybe the Tyrells could bend the knee if Danny marries Loras? It just seems like anything else is a step down. Unless Marg is pregnant. Then she can be Queen Regent. They've already killed one king. They could offer an alliance with Dorne in exchange for offing Tommen. 
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