Second time watching this series (SERIES SPOILERS)

WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
I just finished re-watching this show and HOLY HELL this show is so much better the second time around. This is coming from someone who loved it when I was watching it live. The scenes that stood out the first time around hit HARD with this watch. I was amazed I could feel even better despite the fact that I knew what was coming. The connections I felt with so many characters were strengthened. Mike... I just love Mike. And Jesse as well. I felt so much worse for the guy. 

But that's not to say the show doesn't have it's flaws. Just like how the pros shined, the negatives in this shined just as bright. The airline incident, Brocks poisoning (I was not a fan of this), and the Ted arc to name a few. But still, man oh man. What a show. I could easily look past most of the "plotholes"

With that being said, I hate Walt and Skyler so damn much. I was never team Walt until it the neo nazis showed up but even then it was tough to root for him. Just couldn't look past all that he did and what he was responsible for. And Skyler... I always felt her "bitchyness" in the early part of the series was justified and defended her actions all the time. But once she knew what Walt was up to and even helped him continue to build his empire was where I drew the line. I hate the idea that she got away with everything and hate the fact even more that Walt jr and Marie are cool with her. 

Anyways, I love this show. This will always be in the conversation for my favorite show of all time. Can't wait for Better Call Saul to come back. 

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