Rocket City Nerdcon Carpool / Lodging Thread

JoshTheBlackJoshTheBlack Atlanta, GA
I think it might be a good idea to have a thread for carpooling / roomsharing / meetups / etc for the Rocket City Nerd Con. 

Post in this thread if you need/want/can carpool or share a hotel room. 

I'm based in Atlanta and looking for someone to carpool / share a hotel room with.  I could possibly drive if needed, however my car is about to cross 200k miles and would probably need to use a rental if driving.  (Estimated $160 + fuel).  For hotels, 3* or above is preferred.  The Hampton or the Doubletree run about $80/night (3*) whereas the Embassy Suites runs around $110/night (4*.)  The roundtrip mileage from Atlanta - Huntsville is approximately 400 miles.  Gas would probably wind up somewhere between $40 & $60 total. 

With 1 other Atlantan, the trip cost would be approximately $110 each for a 3* hotel or $140 each for a 4*.  Another $80 each if we need to rent a vehicle.

Any takers?
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