Movie Recs for A. Ron

Is this a good idea for a thread?

One I would like to recommend for A. Ron is a film called American Movie. From Wikipedia:

American Movie is a 1999 documentary directed by Chris Smith. The film chronicles the real 1996-1997 making of Coven, an independent horror film directed by an independent filmmaker named Mark Borchardt.

A. Ron, bro, you'd love this. It made me think of you because of the AHS podcast and how you and Cecily always go back and forth on the word "coven." Well, there's a scene in the film where the filmmaker repeatedly calls his film Coven, with a long "O" sound. It's hilarious. It's also a great piece of cinematic history, as it shows just how far a regular guy will go to achieve his dream. It is truly brilliant and funny as hell.

I hope you read this post. Love the podcasts.


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yeah, I don't know why I get like that with some stuff. I even have a mnemonic device, "nothin' says lovin' like a coven in the oven" and I STILL get it wrong.
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