You Must Remember This covering Charlie Manson's Hollywood

BB2KBB2K Adelaide, South Australia
My friend turned me onto this miniseries the other day, and since I've been pretty sick this week I just binged through all 12 parts on the topic'sHollywood

I'd never heard of this podcast before but I absolutely loved this series, I'm one of those people who are pretty fascinated by weird stuff like this and this pod is really a great retelling of this story. It's really well researched and produced, kinda reminds me of a mix of Dan Carlin's history podcasts and Serial in a weird way. It paints a really interesting picture of who Charles Manson is as a person, and looks at other people surrounding his case, including Roman Polanski (who it turns out is pretty awful too, obviously not as bad, but life sure fucked that dude up). If you love hearing about crazy weirdos, I'd give the first episode a try.


  • Yes, it's incredibly interesting and the podcast is well done.  I listened to this some time back after I think they recommended the Slate Political Gabfest.  I'd read the book about the Manson family, Helter Skelter, by the prosecutor when I was a teenager I think and the whole thing was fascinating (morbidly so, eventually).
  • BB2KBB2K Adelaide, South Australia
    Nice, I didn't know that much about the case before this, so I'm keen to take a look at the book once I fix my kindle.
  • Yeah that was a fantastic series. I think I first heard about it on the Slate Culture Gabfest. Filmspotting kept plugging it as well. 

    I thought I new the Charles Manson story, but it was so much crazier and weirder than I thought. And hearing about how different celebrities and musicians like Dennis Wilson were connected was fascinating. 

    I'd also recommend her "Stars during Wartime" series. She's dubbed it "Star Wars." I have yet to get to her MGM one, but I've heard that's really good too.
  • I agree, loved the series, it was incredibly detailed. I can only recommend it.
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