The only GoT recap you need

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"Bran? Bran trippin'."

(spoilers if you ain't caught up)



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    This was a great video! It would be nice to have one for each season, though, because he left out a LOT of stuff. 

    I might have to take issue with OP's title--there is another recap that cannot be missed. It's Ozzy Man Reviews. As you'd expect from the title, it's an Australian guy who is just hilarious. The first half of the video is the funny recap and the second half is some actually quite perceptive analysis of the theme of each episode and how it applies to the various characters. I like that he has abbreviated nicknames for some of the characters: Jonno for Jon Snow,  Stanno for Stannis, and Ser Bazza for Barriston Selmy. At this point I am assuming that Ozzies can't be fucked to pronounce the last letter of any word. It's amazing. Here's his Winds of Winter recap:

    EDIT: I think he also coined a new term: Book can prob figure out what that means
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    I love Ozzy Man. I'm impatiently waiting for him to finish S1 and S2.
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